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3788 Scale Ymatrian Dagger Frigate (FF) MGL 3d printed

Not a Photo

White Natural Versatile Plastic
3788 Scale Ymatrian Dagger Frigate (FF) MGL 3d printed
3788 Scale Ymatrian Dagger Frigate (FF) MGL 3d printed

Not a Photo

3788 Scale Ymatrian Dagger Frigate (FF) MGL

3D printed in white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.
Product Description
The Omega Octant is east of the Alpha Octant empires seen in the Star Fleet Universe (beyond the Inter-Stellar Concordium), on the other side of a galactic void. That void is a dead zone where life is impossible and ships fall apart, marking a separation between Octants. The Ymatrian Horde was comprised of a ferociously warlike species resembling large, hairless bears with armor-like bones protecting their heads and torsos. Prior to their expansion into space, their society was divided into a number of military dictatorships, with brutal wars between clans or nations being frequently waged. Indeed, rather than reining in these excesses, the development of weapons of mass destruction led them to escalate the carnage, leaving large portions of their home world uninhabitable.

The arrival of the Kyrihn, a friendly and peaceful people, changed the course of Ymatrian history. Treated as gods from the skies by the highly superstitious Ymatrians -- for a time, at least -- the Kyrihn took it upon themselves to “save” this wrecked planet. In this, they made a fatal error: once the Ymatrians reverse-engineered samples of advanced Kyrihn technology, they built their first crude starships and seized the orbiting Kyrihn space station. From there, the Ymatrians assembled a war fleet to invade and conquer the Kyrihn home world, on which they proceeded to unleash a full-scale xenocide upon its native inhabitants. 

Now united as an empire for the first time, the Ymatrians expanded into nearby space, searching for a new and worthy foe to fight. They found one in the robotic Drex Unity, which was located on the far side of the Wasteland (a virtually empty, yet crossable, region of space). During the Second Cycle, their brief yet savage invasion almost reached as far as the Drexari home colonies, before the Drex were able to surround and defeat the Ymatrian armada. With the Ymatrian worlds left vulnerable by their over-commitment of resources into the invasion, the Drex were able to launch a decisive counter-invasion across the Wasteland. Rather than attempt to hold Ymatrian space, and reasoning that nothing else would stem the Ymatrian thirst for battle, the Drex proceeded to bomb the Ymatrian worlds until no structure was left standing, before withdrawing back to Drex space. For their part, the surviving Ymatrians took this as a sign of displeasure from the gods for their warring ways and misuse of technology, and became nomadic wanderers. And so the survivors remained... until their home world was uncovered by the Paravians of Omega in the Seventh Cycle.

During their brief time as a space-faring empire, the Ymatrians built warships designed for one purpose: to close with an enemy ship and eviscerate it at short range. Thus, their acquired mastery of antiproton technology (an unwitting courtesy of the Kyrihn) led them to develop antiproton phasers, antiproton beams, and the antiproton lance. These weapons would later be salvaged by the Worb Technocracy, the Zosman Marauders, and the Omega-Paravians. However, while their forward-facing firepower was highly dangerous, their low average numbers of phasers left them relatively vulnerable on the flanks. In addition, Ymatrian warships had no labs, as they struck first and analyzed the ashes later.

The Dagger frigate was equipped with a pair of antiproton phaser-1s, a lone antiproton phaser-3s, and a pair of antiproton beams. It was considered to be unusually heavily armed for a ship of its size, yet somewhat disadvantaged relative to its chief rival, the Drex Battlefrigate, in terms of auxiliary phaser firepower. Typically, these ships were deployed in squadrons led by a single Poniard frigate leader -- which was so overgunned, due to the further inclusion of an antiproton lance, that the ship was subject to shock if it fired all of its heavy weapons at once. (This was a common failing in Ymatrian “leader” variants, and indeed in their Dirk fighters.) The Ymatrians also deployed a Bodkin frigate scout variant, though it was considered both a hindrance by fleet commanders (as it was rather ill-suited to the electronic warfare support role) and by its own crews (as they felt that they were being denied a chance at glory in battle, and thus were more liable to have “poor” crew ratings).

The ship is available in a variety of materials. Ships are unpainted, use standard flight stands available from many sources, and, while designed for gaming, make fine display pieces.

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3788 Scale Ymatrian Dagger Frigate (FF)
1.5 x 2.56 x 0.53 cm
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