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Grab Rails 1/16th PT 139 On (except for PT's 565-6 3d printed

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Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Grab Rails 1/16th PT 139 On (except for PT's 565-6 3d printed
Grab Rails 1/16th PT 139 On (except for PT's 565-6 3d printed

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Grab Rails 1/16th PT 139 On (except for PT's 565-6

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3D printed in matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.

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Product Description
These models are the visible grab rails for an 80' Elco PT boat. They are made to Elco dimensional drawings and are scale, except for thicker stanchion arms and base on the PT 103-138 brass rails to meet Shapeways minimum thickness requirements. PT 139 and on rails are true scale. Most rails have 2 mounting pins, the turret rails have only 1 located at the center stanchion. The longest rails, found on the day cabin roof port and starboard forward, have an additional pin in the center.

Rails included:
Chart House
1. Port forward.  PT's 565-624 used the short rail found starboard forward on earlier boats here.
2. Starboard forward.  PT's 565-624 did not use a rail here.
3. Starboard aft of turret, the set for PT 139 on includes an extra rail for PT 372 and on, except for PT's 565-624, when the forward turret was moved aft and tilted forward. The rail is forward of the turret and longer on these boats. PT's 565-624 did not use a rail here.
4. Slightly curved rail on outside of port bulkhead
5. Small grab handle under throttle on port side of bridge. On PT's 565-624 the throttle and grab handle were moved to the starboard, next to bridge forward door enclosure.
6. Center, next to bridge forward door enclosure. PT's 565-624 did not use a rail here.
7. Starboard, solid wood rail over forward bridge door
Day cabin
8. Port
9. Starboard forward
10. Starboard aft.
11. Forward turret
12. Aft turret

Please check your models scale accuracy in these 2 areas to ensure that these rails will fit. The 2 day cabin starboard rails take up most of the length distance and if your model's cabin is shorter than about 6" full scale (the distance back from the forward edge of the cabin roof that the forward stanchion of the forward rail should be located) then the rails won't fit.
Day cabin length: 143.75"
Turret diameter: 44"


The first step is to clean all parts thoroughly. Since wax and oil are used in the printing process, an ultrasonic cleaning with a Simple Green or similar solution is highly recommended. Handle very carefully as the plastic is brittle. Please see the guide and links here: For successful gluing and painting results be sure to follow cleaning with a UV cure from a lamp with the correct output, or the sun.

Remove the rails by carefully snipping off the small retainers over each rail. Rails should come out easily, if not then push up gently from underneath on the ends of the mounting pins.


See these location guide graphics:
Specific locations on the boat:
Locations of individual rails in the sprues, numbered the same as on the boat location graphic:


These rails are fragile, I suggest waiting to install them until right before painting the boat.

On PT 103-138 grab rails, mounting pins are 1 full scale inch offset from rails. Take this into account when laying out drilling holes.

The holes in the bottom of the sprue cage may be of use in marking out where holes should be drilled for mounting pins. Be aware that the holes are slightly larger in diameter than the mounting pins.

On horizontal PT 103-138 grab rails, like on the top of the houses, stanchion arms and the mounting base should be outboard of rails. On vertical PT 103-138 grab rails, like on the turrets, stanchion arms and the mounting base should be below the rails.

When mounting the short chart house starboard forward rail, make sure to mount it with the drilled special stanchion hole forward. The chart house port rail should also have the drilled special stanchion forward.

The day cabin roof starboard aft wood rails on PT 139 and on are unique in that the forwardmost stanchion was set 1" farther back along the rail than on any other rail. Make sure to mount it with the longer unsupported rail end forward.
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