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Four Awesomeness Juggling Balls (4x2.5") 3d printed

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Polished Gold Steel
Four Awesomeness Juggling Balls (4x2.5") 3d printed
Four Awesomeness Juggling Balls (4x2.5") 3d printed

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Four Awesomeness Juggling Balls (4x2.5")

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3D printed in enrobed in 24k gold and polished to a mild sheen with visible print lines.

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Product Description
This set includes 4 beautiful Awesomeness Spheres that are exactly 2.5" across - the standard size for a juggling ball.

The Awesomeness Sphere with nested Octuple Dorje is brought to you by David Dreamwalker Diamondheart and Gma Chandra.  This shape specifically facilitates your DNA transformation from the carbon-based version to the crystalline based DNA version.  This enhances your extension into the Quantum Light Field allowing you greater access to a richer field of wisdom from your Multidimensional Higher Self and your other Master, Teachers and Guides. 

A beautiful and powerful shape, the Dorje incorporates eight six ringed Dorjes or Vajras within a Planetary Merkaba Sphere. Vajra or Dorje is a Sanskrit word meaning both thunderbolt and diamond. As a ritual object, it is used to symbolize both the properties of a diamond (indestructibility) and a thunderbolt (irresistible force).

Ideal for powering up your Merkaba, the eight points of the Octuple Dorje align perfectly with the eight points of a Star Tetrahedron. The 6 rings at the end of each Dorje align perfectly with the outer planetary Merkaba sphere. The Star Tetrahedron is the sacred geometric shape representing the Merkaba field.

The Dorje has 8 arms, each one is associated with a Master numbers: 11, 22, 33, 44, 55, 66, 77 and 88.

Click here to read the meaning of the Master Numbers.

Benefits of having the Octuple Dorje are:

·        Powers up your transition from carbon to crystalline based DNA into your Light Body (which is a part of your Ascension progression from 3-D to a higher dimensional being).

·        Upgrades your ability to receive (and transmit) Light and Higher Knowledge. DNA molecules (even as a carbon-based structure) are capped by end caps called telomeres.  These telomeres have been found to work like energetic antennae operating in a subtle light field. The more advanced (silicone) crystalline antenna the greater your upgrade.

·        Enhances your communication skills with Light Beings (including aspects of your Higher Self and Guidance Team) within the Quantum Light Field. 

·        Boosts your ability to receive and translate Light Language – creating a clear channel between humans and other Light Beings.   This enhances our evolution into multidimensional communication.

·        Accelerates your capability to live from your heart center with fuller understanding and compassion.

·        Raises your intuition and alignment to your guidance so that it becomes easier to use your free will as a sovereign creative being. 

·        Facilitates your body’s ability to maintain balance within your endocrine system through out your entire body.

·        Lessens the burden of oxidative stress on your body’s cells, freeing up energy for more joyous pursuits as opposed to fighting to restore balance to prevent disorders and disease.

How to Use the Octuple Dorje: 

Place the Octuple Dorje within your Auric Field (approximately a 6-foot radius around your body). To increase your results:

·        REAFFIRM YOUR INTENT to enhance your Ascension progress and/or reclaim or maintain the vitality of your body.

o       You will feel more energized and supported by the Octuple Dorje’s harmonious, Light Infused Energies. 

·        MEDITATE.

o       You will feel an increased Light Flow coupled with a sense of strong supportive protection. 


o       Whether it’s your inner guidance with your Higher Self, Ascended Masters and Guides or other Light Beings in the Quantum Light Field, the Octuple Dorje has been found to enhance and protect the quality of that communication channel.  Currently dark forces are actively compromising and corrupting these communications. Early users are finding that the Octuple Dorje is “securing” these channels while also boosting the quality and quantity of the knowledge received.

The Awesomeness Sphere helps you to ground and live in your truth.

Remember, not bound by space or time, Gma Chandra will “check in on you” and automatically upgrade, change or downgrade the energetic volume and quality of the Octuple Dorje according to what is the next most beneficial level for you in that moment.                                        

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