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Constitution Class (SOTL'07) 1/7000 Attack Wing 3d printed

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Gray Fine Detail Plastic
Constitution Class (SOTL'07) 1/7000 Attack Wing 3d printed
Constitution Class (SOTL'07) 1/7000 Attack Wing 3d printed

Not a Photo

Constitution Class (SOTL'07) 1/7000 Attack Wing

3D printed in 3d systems visijet m2r grey material at hd resolution settings to provide fine details at 32 micron layer height.

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Product Description
Original length: 320m (same saucer diameter as the Constitution Refit from TMP)
Scale: 1/7000
Print orientation for Detail Plastic: Top up
Mounting hole: Attack Wing, small

This version of the Constitution Class is based on a picture in the "Ships of The Line 2007" calendar (SOTL'07), created by Star Trek: Enterprise visual artist Gabriel Koerner. A unique variation of a Constitution Class starship. The book suggests this alternate Constitution-class design was one of the purposed refit schemes for the class, ultimately rejected in favour of the more familiar TMP design. Personally, i wish they had used this instead of the JJ-Prise in the new movies. This one looks like a crossbreed between the NX Class Refit and the TMP Enterprise. To have a place where to put this ship into the canon lore, i suggest making this a Mirror Universe ship. Although the NX Refit was intended for the fourth season of Enterprise and is mentioned as such in the books continuing the story, following the events of the Earth-Romulan War and the founding of the Federation, in my world. the "Columbia Class" (NX Refit) also only exist in the Mirror Universe. Maybe with a backstory like this:

"Following the events from ENT: 'In a Mirror, Darkly', the Terran Empire wasn't able to just copy the USS Defiant (Constitution Class from the Prime Universe), not only because many of the technologies were hard to understand and many of the materials necessarry weren't available in this time period, but also because Emperor Hoshi keeps most of the information from the Defint's computer secret for her own advantage and to keep her flagship the most powerful in the fleet. So the next best thing for the Terran engineers was to upgrade the existing NX Class vessels. With the ISS Enterprise NX-01 destroyed, the ISS Columbia NX-02 was the first vessel to get the upgrades including a new scondary hull with a more powerfull warp engine, stronger shields and a bigger deflector (hence the name Columbia Class and this explains how the NX Refit does look so much like the 100 years later TOS Constitution). Based on the experiences made with this class, a new type of ship was designed (The ship offered here). It incorporated more of the USS Defiant's new technologies as new materials were developed. The design was directly inspired by the Defiant but was also derived from the NX Refit. As a sidenote, after the fall of Emperor Hoshi, the USS Defiant was deemed "outdated" at that time and was replaced by a different ship as the Empires new Flagship. To erase as much of Hoshi's reign as possible it was also renamed Enterprise. This name was "available" due to de destruction of the NX Enterprise. Her captain, Christopher Pike ultimately was succeeded as captain by his former 1st officer J.T.Kirk, using a device called "Tantalus field", when a transporter accident happened... (This would explain why the ISS Enterprise from 'Mirror, Mirror' does look exactly like a Prime Universe Constitution although they had a 100 years to develop ships using the Defiant as a basis. So, the ship here is the actual appereance of the Mirror Universe Constitution Class with the USS Defiant/ISS Enterprise as the only ship of her type in service).

If you need this in another material, size, or quantity, send me a message. I will try to make it as you need. Be sure to read my comments below my shop page first.
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Constitution Class (SOTL'07) 1/7000 Attack Wing
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