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1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15&quot; MKII 1941 3d printed Correct B and X Turret Vent configuration

Not a Photo

Correct B and X Turret Vent configuration
1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941  3d printed Correct B and X Turret Vent configuration
1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941  3d printed Correct B and X Turret Vent configuration

Not a Photo

1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941  3d printed 1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941
1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941  3d printed 1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941

Not a Photo

1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941

Made By
  • 3D printed in Black Hi-Def Acrylate: Smooth black plastic that showcases intricate details.
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  • This product is intended for mature audiences.
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Product Description

These are highly detailed 1/350 scale RN 15 Inch MKII set of turrets for HMS Hood. These are made to replace the highly innaccurate turrets found in the Trumpeter kit and the complete lack of detail on the resin upgrade sets. This set depicts the Hood turrets as she appeared when sunk. These turrets are based on plans, photographic reference and the informative and vital HMS Hood association website. Hopefully I've done this historic ship justice with these representations. These models have been created using plans for the overall shape and then using days of photographic research over the lifetime of the Hood to fill in the details that plans just don't contain. This model is printed in Black High Definition Acrylate for smoother surfaces.

Please Note: 15% of the profit from the sales of these turrets will go to the HMS Hood Association for their invaluable reference in the production of these parts, and to help keep the legacy of the Hood alive and well.
  • Highly detailed models based on plans and historical photographs
  • Digital hand sculpted Blast Bags using photographic reference,
    unlike the over bulgy innaccurate bags on most sets.
  • Correct B and X Turret Vent configuration
  • 8 Barrels printed on the turret, see My Shop for all other variants
  • Includes correctly shaped UP Launcher (not included) platform, sighting ports open and all other sighting ports in place
  • Please see my other listings as I will be producing this set in other scales and earlier variants
  • All turrets are slightly different as per data collected from the HMS Hood Association website

Historical Data
This was quite possibly the best large-caliber naval gun ever developed by Britain and it was certainly one of the longest-lived of any nation, with the first ship-board firing taking place in 1915 and the last in 1954. The design of this weapon was largely based upon the 13.5"/45 (34.3 cm) Mark V and it was rushed into production, bypassing the normal - and lengthy - prototype stage. This shortened design cycle was approved by the Director of Naval Ordnance, Rear Admiral Archibald Moore, who staked his "professional existence" on its success. The reason for this rushed procedure was to allow what became the Queen Elizabeth class battleships to be armed with larger guns than would have otherwise been possible. Although their first warshots were for bombarding shore positions at Gallipoli in 1915, the value of these weapons was not truly shown until the Battle of Jutland (Skagerrak). In that battle, the British battleships with these guns were able to engage German battlecruisers at a range of 19,000 yards (17,400 m), which was beyond the maximum range of the guns on the German ships.By the mid-1930s the Admiralty saw these guns as growing obsolete, as other nations had developed more powerful weapons, capable of longer ranges and firing heavier projectiles. Along with this, the ships carrying these guns were approaching twenty years of service and starting to show signs of wearing out. Inhibited by treaty restrictions from replacing the battleships, the British instead sought to rectify the situation by initiating a "modernization" program whereby the ships had major overhauls performed and had their weapons upgraded. There were two significant improvements made to these guns during the modernizations: 1) The upper elevation limit of the mountings was increased from 20 degrees up to 30 degrees, which raised their maximum range with 4crh projectiles from 23,700 yards up to 29,000 yards (21,670 m to 26,520 m), and 2) The projectiles were redesigned to add a more streamlined ballistic cap (6crh), which increased the range still further to about 32,000 yards (29,260 m) at 30 degrees elevation. Thanks to these modifications, in July 1940 HMS Warspite made one of the longest hits ever scored by a naval gun on an enemy ship when she struck the Italian battleship Guilio Cesare at approximately 26,000 yards (23,770 m).The rate at which these ships could be modernized was limited and by the start of World War II Malaya, Barham, Repulse and the five Royal Sovereign class battleships had not yet been upgraded. Royal Oak, Barham and Repulse were sunk early in the war, but the remaining unmodernized ships were given a "Super Charge" which consisted of the largest possible propellant charge that the guns and mountings could safely handle. These were issued starting in late 1941 and at the maximum elevation of 20 degrees allowed a range of 28,700 yards (26,240 m). However, from a study of the records, it would appear that no ship ever fired a shot using Super Charges, although they were used by the coastal artillery at Dover. Super Charges were not issued to ships with 30 degree mountings as the increased barrel wear and mounting stress was not considered to be acceptable. For this reason, sources which quote HMS Vanguard as having gun ranges in excess of 32,000 yards (29,260 m) are somewhat misleading, as such a range would have required the use of super charges, which she never carried.

Some part cleanup will be necessary.  The 3D printing process uses a waxy substance to support certain part features during the printing process.  Although the parts are cleaned by Shapeways, some waxy residue may remain.  It can be safely removed with water and a mild aqueous detergent like "Simple Green" using an old, soft toothbrush, Q-tips or pipe cleaners.  Customers report that "Bestine" and "Goo Gone" also work well.During the printing process, liquid resin is cured by ultraviolet light.  Microscopic bits of resin may remain uncured.  
Let your parts sit in direct sunlight for a few hours to fully cure the resin.  

Water-based acrylic paints meant for plastics is strongly recommended.  Other paints, especially enamels, may not cure on Frosted Detail 3D-printed plastics.
Use dedicated model sprue cutters to remove parts to minimise the risk of damage to parts.
Please take a look at my other items.

What's in the Box
700 HMS Hood Turrets 1941 BHD.stl
1/350 HMS Hood Turrets/Barrels 15" MKII 1941
Black Hi-Def Acrylate
13.5 cm
1.7 cm
6.3 cm

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