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Centerpoint Station 76mm 3d printed

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Smooth Fine Detail Plastic
Centerpoint Station 76mm 3d printed
Centerpoint Station 76mm 3d printed

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Centerpoint Station 76mm

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3D printed in matte translucent plastic that showcases fine and intricate details.

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Product Description
Centerpoint Station, known to the Killiks as Qolaraloq or the World Puller, was an ancient space station that was capable of moving entire planets with its tractor beams. It was created by the Thuruht hive c. 100,000 BBY; this would make it perhaps one of the oldest artifacts known to the Jedi in the Yuuzhan Vong War era.

Centerpoint Station contained within its colossal bulk an extremely intricate collection of ultra-high energy systems. The best minds in the galaxy had been studying, mapping, and pondering the workings of this mechanical leviathan for ages, but there were still gaping holes in the understanding of its key processes.

What had actually been discovered was that the system was capable of generating huge amounts of nuclear, magnetic, electric, tractor beam, and hyperspace power for use in a type of "hyperspace tractor beam." Centerpoint Station was able to project this powerful tractor beam through a hyperspace path at any target. It was capable of 'gripping' an object as large as a star and then just as easily able to move the target object anywhere within its considerable operational range. The station could also harness this power for the actual destruction of stars and planets, collapsing their cores through massive gravitational fluxes.

The powerful hyperspace tractor beam arrays consisted of huge conelike structures within the station surrounded by six smaller cones. During the system's operation, this specifically designed geometric array acted as the source of the beam's power.

With a width of 100 kilometers and length of 350 kilometers, it was larger than the first Death Star. From a distance, it appeared as a huge partially translucent sphere with two small cylindrical poles facing Talus and Tralus. The interior consisted of a hollowed area known as Hollowtown that was, at one point, inhabited, as well as the station's immensely powerful tractor beam arrays. The station was built before the invention of artificial gravity, so it rotated to simulate gravity.

In actuality, Hollowtown and the Glowpoint, an artificial sun-like spot at its center, was the power source for the station and its mysterious one-time inhabitants and builders.

A smaller station of similar design existed within the The Maw, dubbed Sinkhole Station by its inhabitants.
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