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Wraith Hive-ship 197mm 3d printed

Not a Photo

Purple Strong & Flexible Polished
Wraith Hive-ship 197mm  3d printed
Wraith Hive-ship 197mm  3d printed

Not a Photo

Wraith Hive-ship 197mm

Made by
3D printed in dark purple, richly colored nylon plastic with a smooth finish.
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Product Description
This model is scaled for miniatures wargaming at most scales.  the size limitation is due to the maximum size Purple Strong and Flexible material 

Wraith Hive ships are the main component of the Wraith fleet and the centerpiece of their entire society. Hive ships function in a role similar to that of Ancient City-ships and Traveler generational ships.

A Hive ship is a massive Wraith mothership capable of carrying thousands of Wraith along with their Wraith Dart fighters. Large parts of their internal structure are used to house organic cocoons in which Humans may be stored for later feeding. There are a number of corridors within the large vessel with a fine mist covering the floor. Hive ships are one of the largest ships known to exist, being roughly thirteen times larger than its main combatant, Earth's 304. 

Despite their size, Hive ships are capable of entering a planet’s atmosphere and landing. They are even capable of surviving for countless centuries in such conditions to the point where vegetation and the planet's environment can grow around them. This did not affect the ship as it was capable of achieving space flight and combat, suffering little, if any, adverse affects. According to Todd however, landing a hive ship on a planet is a tricky task at the best of times. Hive ships are also capable of surviving uncontrolled reentry into a planet's atmosphere, suffering no visible damage from the friction. According to Doctor Rodney McKay, an uncontrolled reentry will slow down a hive ship heading towards a planet's surface at terminal velocity, but not nearly enough to avoid a fatal impact if the crew is unable to pull out of the dive. 

The hulls of Hive ships are composed of living, and growing, organic matter through the use of a unique type of biotechnology capable of growing at a rapid rate. This has afforded the Wraith Hive ship a number of advantages such as hull regeneration, providing them considerable protection in battles despite the fact that they lack any true energy shielding system. The same system also regulates the internal structure of the ship. As a result a serious error in the ships systems could potentially lead to the ship attempting to reconfigure itself with chambers disappearing and others appearing suddenly. Furthermore, these organic hulls have an effect on their capacity to enter into hyperspace for extended periods of time as the Hive requires moments of rest to heal the hull damage caused by hyperspace radiation. 

As Hive ships posses no true energy shield, weapons are considerably more effective against them. This is particularly the case with Asgard plasma beam weapons, which are able to completely destroy a Hive ship in just a handful of shots. Drone weapons are also capable of inflicting mass amounts of damage, being able to destroy a Hive in a single, massive, salvo. It has been demonstrated that several well placed drones from a Puddle Jumper can cause critical damage. It has been demonstrated that with precision targeting, seven drones can destroy a hive ship. While Railguns are also capable of inflicting damage, their destructive power is severely limited because of the Hive's massive size. However, when a hive ship had already taken heavy damage to its stern, five railgun rounds from the George Hammond was able to destroy it. The hull of Hive ships are known to regenerate, being organic in nature. However, the length of time required for this process is unknown. 

Hive ships can be interfaced with Zero Point Modules, although this process takes over a year to do, but makes them incredibly powerful. One Hive ship, the Super-hive was interfaced with at least one ZPM, which resulted in the ship to grow larger than average, its hull becoming far stronger and its weapons a lot more powerful, making the ship nearly invincible. It was able to take hits from Asgard plasma beam weapons while suffering minimal damage when not fully upgraded, later going up against two 304's and win and go up against Atlantis itself and posses the upper hand even with the city powered by three ZPMs. It also had a severely upgraded hyperdrive that allowed it to arrive at Earth much faster than expected. Its upgraded sensor systems were also able to detect a cloaked Puddle Jumper. It took a Nuclear warhead being detonated on the inside to destroy it. This shows that with enough power, Hive ships could likely easily defeat any foe, with their one weakness being their insufficient power generation.
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Wraith Hive 197mm edited hollow
12.75 x 18.1 x 2.39 cm
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