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Shears 3d printed

Not a Photo

Shears 3d printed
Shears 3d printed

Not a Photo


Not For Sale

Product Description

SO! My fam had this brilliant idead that i should join a contest where the odds were going to be so far off of my side that I couldn't even think of a clever thing to say~


It's not even funny anymore how much I think I'm not going to win.


But technically you don't have a chance in a contest is if you don't enter it.


And so here I am~


Anyways, I built this shear because it reminded me of the little things that are important in life. I feel like people should print it just as a reminder that just says "You may not need it, but it could come in handy one day". (Basically Steam in a nutshell). Sure, in minecraft, you really need a sword or a pickaxe to defeat yourself and get resources, but mabey you need a bed to sleep in and you've only saw one sheep around you. Sure, you could just kill the sheep, get the one wool, and search far and wide for the sheep that is chunks and chunks away or you could just have a renewable source of wool, to use as much as you please.


But that wasn't the only reason why I chose to build shears


I know, it's not like it's my own, original idea that I came oup with all by myself but for some reason, shears meant a lot to me after what happened in the summer of 2015. My reason is very orginal though.


"What happened in the summer of 2015?" you might have said (probably not but I'll just assume you did so)


Around the summer of 2015, one of my very few friends, Link invited me to play on this vanilla Minecraft server with them. The server was open to the public and had an average of usually, ten people playing at once. So it was kind of a quiet server. But the people there were anything but quiet.


They were all so friendly, open, and inviting. They liked to include everyone on what they're doing and even help out a stranger every now and then. I made friends with a lot of people on that server, but one stood out the most.  Everyone called her G. Pretty soon G, Link, and I became befriended each other.


(I know nothing is happening with shears right now but bear with me, it's coming up soon)


One day, about midsummer the owner of the server had an announcement for everyone who played on the server. There was going to be a large contest where we had a to build a rollercoaster for a prize...


Majority of the server agreed to take part in the contest because we had no social life at that point in the summer.


Among the people who agreed was Link, G and I.


And so, we set off to work. In about two days into the competition,  we come up with our theme and name for the ride. We gave it a Creeper theme and named the ride "Jeepers Creepers" and we build a whole elaborate ride with mutilpe twist, turns, drops, and even a trip through an abanoded mineshaft and ravine. Then came the hard part.  Decorationg. You see, we had a nice simple enough design. Lime and Dark Green wool patterns were supposed to be to placed on the sides of the track that was above ground  and we were going to build to a gigantic creeper in the middle of all the tracks.


But at that moment, we realized the large lack of sheep in the area around us. We searched for two full days of any signs of sheep but we couldn't find any wild sheep. Which is when the shears come in.


So, in the neighborhood that Link and I were living in at the time (I was constantly free loading off of Link and her house because I would literally strip my home of all its resources for project that Link wanted to work on and needed hep with) we had a very rich neighbor, who was named Night, who pratically breeded sheep right in front of Link and I's current home. Yet, he was rarely on.


And we saw the sheep all the time, pretty much mocking us...


And so one day, we snapped. Link, G and I filled our inventories with shears and the dyes that we needed and sheared everything we saw. When one of our inventories were full of the Lime and Dark wool, that person who go and decorate the rollarcoaster, and come back when they needed more. Then the next person when out to decorate, and came back when they were out, and so on.


But in the middle of one of our many "shearing frenzies" Night logged in. Link, G, and I panicked to our heart's content. We ran from the scene leaving half of the sheep sheared and the other half with a sea of different sorts of green coats. We could barely even say our "Hello's" to him, we were so on edge.


But after about fifty minutes of not saying anything about the sheep, we all went up to him and said;


"Hey Night, what's up with your sheep?"


In the end, we didn't end up winning the contest but we got a prize anyways. But we had a lot of jokes and stories to tell in the end (the large story above is only one of many). In a few ways, this contest reminded me of the rollarcoaster contest. Sure I won't win (It's not even a challege of authority at this point, it's a fact) but I did learn about two somewhat easy to use programs to build 3D models out of that I could show my teachers or friends. And I also learned that converting files aren't always that easy as manually naming a file name as .DAE or .OBJ and .123dx isn't even recongized as a file type to many programs. But knowledge is knowledge no matter how random, like my shears, you never know when you'll need it.





What's in the Box
Daring Sango
White Strong & Flexible
24.0 cm
2.0 cm
24.0 cm

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