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Matilda - Parts 4 & 5: Spin Caps #SAR3DP 3d printed

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Red Processed Versatile Plastic
Matilda - Parts 4 & 5: Spin Caps #SAR3DP 3d printed
Matilda - Parts 4 & 5: Spin Caps #SAR3DP 3d printed

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Matilda - Parts 4 & 5: Spin Caps #SAR3DP

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Product Description

These Spin Caps make up two of the five integral parts required to form the MATILDA (Missing And Trapped Individuals Location Delivery Assistant) Phantom 2,3,& 4 Search and Rescue drone attachement. 

The following items are required to complete the MATILDA Search and Rescue Drone attachment;

Part 01 - MATILDA - Capsule (one required)

Part 02 - MATILDA - Caps (two required)

Part 03 - MATILDA - Arms (two required)


As an ex-firefighter myself, I found it hard to watch the wildfires rip through Fort McMurray in Western Canada this summer, when more than 90,000 residents were displaced. Many had to run for their lives. I was shocked by the ferocity and speed with which the fire spread through a forested area.

The blaze caught the entire community by surprise and thousands of people could've been trapped. Locating and continuing to know the exact location of missing, trapped or injured individuals would greatly reduce response times and speed rescue efforts.

With that idea in mind, I introduce to you; MATILDA for use with the Phantom 2, 3 & 4 Drones. MATILDA is a self releasing rescue delivery capsule that is also know as; a Missing And Trapped Individuals Location Delivery Assistant.

MATILDA is a device that will attach to both legs of the Phantom 2, 3 or 4 Drone in just seconds without the need for extra tools or fasteners. This multipurpose device will hang beneath the drone where it will remain stable during flight.

To open the capsule; simply twist off one of the end-caps to access the storage compartments within. Each end-cap has directional arrows that indicate “Open” and “Close” to assist then user in removing them. Once an end-cap is removed, any rescue item(s) (small enough and light enough) may be stored inside one of four separate storage compartments.

To close the capsule; simply twist on the end-cap(s) to secure the much needed supplies inside. Once closed, MATILDA is ready to take flight and deliver her payload. Ideally the capsule would deliver a satellite telephone or a GPS tracking device to track and/or establish a line of communication with the missing, trapped or injured individual(s) wherever they may be.

To attach MATILDA to a Phantom 2, 3 or 4 Drone, simply hover the drone a few feet off the ground, then hook each of the candy-cane shaped arms over and onto each leg from beneath the drone. When attaching MATILDA to the drone, the user should hold the device by both candy-cane shaped arms with the arms spread wide open. Then with a closing scissors motion, bring the arms together towards each of the drone legs where the hooked portion of each candy-cane shaped arm should be dropped over the top of each horizontal leg section allowing MATILDA to hang between the legs of the hovering drone.

MATILDA is light and compact, easily loaded and unloaded, is easily attached and can be easily flown to any reasonable location within range of either the Phantom 2, 3 & 4 Drone.

This device can carry any number of precious items as part of any rescue mission including first aid supplies, medication, rescue instructions and more. When MATILDA reaches her destination, the drone will descend to the ground.

Once MATILDA touches the ground, the drone (still off the ground) will drop a bit lower which will cause both arms to spread outward, unhook and release from the drone above. The arms will simply fall away thereby releasing the capsule on the ground. With the precious cargo delivered to those in need, the drone is free to fly away without ever touching the ground.

When the capsule is recovered by those in need, the capsule is easily opened and the contents are easily tipped out and removed. 

MATILDA is brightly colored (Red and White) so it is easily seen by those in need. It is also possible to equip the drone with LED lights so that it will give off much needed light that could help with retrieval in a low light environment.

MATILDA stands ready to assist first responders and their Phantom 2, 3 or 4 Drones to improve response times when assisting missing, trapped or injured people wherever they may be.

A drone operator could load MATILDA with almost anything (cell phone, satellite phone, GPS Locator, maps, food, water, first aid or medical supplies, medication, silver mylar emergency thermal blanket, rain poncho, miniature flashlight, inflatable life jacket or anything someone may need) and drop it almost anywhere for any purpose.

Additional "Anchor Holes" have been provided inside each end of the capsule so that first responders may tie and deliver one end of a strong string through the air to a trapped or stranded individual during a flood.

Once the strong string is tied to the inside of the capsule, the end-cap should be threaded into place where it will further secure the string for delivery. After securing the strong string to MATILDA, it is ready to be flown over to the trapped individual(s). If an individual catches MATILDA, the capsule will self-release in their hands so that the rescue drone is free to fly away.

Once the victim has the strong string in hand, first responders can secure a thicker rope to their end of the strong string so that it may be fed out to them victim as well. Additional rescue items could also be tied to the thicker rope and be fed out to the victim like a life vest or body harness, whatever might help to stabilize the victim or better prepare them for survival or rescue.

A Phantom 2, 3 or 4 Drone owner/hobbyist could use the MATILDA for rescue, entertainment or leisure purposes. For example; A GPS locator could be dropped off in a remote location for the purposes of geocaching...

The uses for MATILDA are only limited by the type of adventure you seek.

The addition of grooves and "O" rings would make the capsule watertight so that it will float as well.

MATILDA could even have strategic or tactical value in a military environment.

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Matilda - Parts 4 & 5: Spin Caps #SAR3DP
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