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7000 Scale Tournament Cruisers 1 (F, K, R) WEM 3d printed

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White Natural Versatile Plastic
7000 Scale Tournament Cruisers  1 (F, K, R) WEM 3d printed
7000 Scale Tournament Cruisers  1 (F, K, R) WEM 3d printed

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7000 Scale Tournament Cruisers 1 (F, K, R) WEM

Ships as soon as 9 days
3D printed in white nylon plastic with a matte finish and slight grainy feel.

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Product Description
This sprue of ships contains the Federation Heavy Cruiser, the Klingon D7, and the Romulan KR.

The Federation Heavy Cruiser known also as the Constitution-class , is the most famous starship of all time and the mainstay of Star Fleet. It is probably the most balanced all-around starship . In combat, this ship relies on its toughness and on a flexible use of its power. Known names include 1700 Constitution, 1701 Enterprise, 1702 Farragut, 1704 Yorktown, 1706 Exeter, 1707 Hood, 1708 Intrepid, 1709 Valiant, 1711 Potemkin, 1713 Monitor, 1714 Hornet, 1715 Merimac, 1716 Endeavor, 1717 Defiance, 1718 Excelsior, 1721 Wasp, 1722 El Dorado, 1723 Ari, 1724 Saratoga, 1725 Tori, 1726 Krieger, 1601 Agincourt, 1604 Pennsylvania, 1605 Port Moresby, 1606 Antietam, 1607 Concord, 1608 Dieppe, 1609 Leyte Gulf, 1610 Lissa, 1611 Midway, 1612 Pharsallus, 1613 Vimy Ridge, 1614 Ypres, 1615 Defiant, 1617 Murfreesboro, 1621 Hastings, 1649 Arbela, 1371 Republic, 1372 Reshadije, and 1373 Ramilles. (The 1600 series were an earlier class of heavy cruisers; the 1300 series were an even earlier class of heavy cruisers known as the “R-class.)

 The D7 is the standard cruiser of the Klingon Deep Space Fleet. Less expensive than most other heavy cruisers, it lacks the full range of scientific capabilities (Scientific research? Bah!) and crew living conditions are Spartan. In combat, the D7 battlecruiser is noted for its maneuverability (better than that of any other heavy cruiser) and for its many transporters, which make hit-and-run raids, along with boarding party actions, productive for this ship. Because of the large Marine complement, D7 battlecruisers  often conducted raids and other ground attacks on isolated outposts. In short, the D7 is swift, maneuverable, and loaded with weapons.

The Romulans had been unable to develop warp technology on their own because each of the Great Houses did their own research and refused to share their findings with other Great Houses. When the Klingons provided warp technology under the Treaty of Smarba, the Romulans began to convert their old Warbird-series sublight designs into Eagle-series warp designs, but this would take decades and the resulting ships were not as effective as the Romulans wanted. While waiting for the Hawk-series ships that were designed from the keel up to use warp, cloaks, and plasma torpedoes, the Romulans bought a few D6 heavy cruisers from the Klingons and refitted them to use cloaks and plasma torpedoes. (The Klingons never threw away a weapon, and mothballed D6 heavy cruisers as they were replaced by improved D7s and the continuing production of D6s.) The result was the KR, the first of the Kestrel-series of converted Klingon warships. It is sometimes referred to as “Klingon-Type Battlecruiser (KR).” Besides the change in weapons, this ship includes scallops on the wings for ease of distinguishing these ships from their Klingon counterparts.

This sprue of unpainted ships is designed to fit on a typical 5/8-inch hex map or to allow more room on a larger hex map. (If used for A Call to Arms: Star Fleet, simply change the measurements from inches to centimeters.)

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7000 Scale Tournament Cruisers 1 (F, K, R) WEM
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