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Shapeways is your 3D manufacturing partner from prototype to large scale production.

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High-Quality Prototypes

Design your components quickly with durable materials, leveraging the freedom of geometry additive manufacturing enables.

  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reiterate as needed throughout the design process
  • Work with expert design engineers to determine the best processes and materials for your needs

Complex Geometries Solved

3D printing removes design constraints for producing complex geometries and intricate detail.

  • Quality checks by expert engineers ensure printability for intricate models
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Rush orders available
  • Dedicated sales engineer available to advise and consult on projects

Complex parts for Aerospace

From lightweighting to part consolidation, create complex parts in any volume.

  • Manufacture engine components as needed
  • Reduce the number of components required to as few as one, eliminating the need for assembly
  • Reduce the cost and time of engine builds
  • Create parts for drones, rocket engines, passenger aircraft, satellites, and more

Why Trust Us?

Industrial 3D Manufacturing

We use the most advanced manufacturing technology and materials to provide you with professional and market-ready products.

Fast Turnaround

Our quick turnaround times ensure that you’ll get your prototypes back faster than you would with traditional manufacturing processes.

Reliable Quality

Accurate and repeatable printing process allows you to print your products with precision every single time.

Trusted by Businesses Around the World

3D Printing On Demand

Whether you need to prototype one part or enable mass customization on a single product, Shapeways has the manufacturing technology to meet your needs

75+ Materials

With over 75 materials ranging from versatile plastic to steel, aluminum and other precious metals, we have what you need for any case.

Our Most Popular Materials