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Discussion in 'Software and Applications' started by Klink, Aug 22, 2010.

  1. Klink
    Klink New Member
    I have, what I hope prepared a model for print and corrected errors (lots) with a trial version of ZEdit pro but the only "save as" or export option is a .zrp file type. As I believe Shapeways uses Zcorp printers is this a workable file type for a user like myself to provide to Shapeways? Is there any possible way to convert this .zrp type file back to a file type recognized by netfabb and the likes without losing model integrity for future edits or is this truly the last step before print....period?

  2. bartv
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    Hi Klink,

    sorry, but you can't upload.zrp files. I'm not familiar with ZEdit, so I can't suggest alternative routes. Maybe the trial edition has been limited in its export capabilities?

  3. Klink
    Klink New Member
    Thanks for the note Bart

    I miss quoted the program name that should have been ZEdit Pro. I'm guessing this is a program offed to printer purchasers as part of a software bundle and not as available as other programs line Netfabb. As one with little to know 3D model experience I did find the program very useful and easy to use as it walked through all repairs with the user. Maybe someday the file export will include other types.