"Your model was too small for any of our 3D Printers."

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    -- Update --

    Problem solved, i contacted Shapeways support and they recommended me to download the free software "Netfabb", so i did, opened my pendant STL and saw that it was very small indeed even tough 3ds max told me otherwise, so i just rescaled it in Netfabb, uploaded it, and voila, worked like a charm!

    Thanks to the great support staff of Shapeways!



    Hi guys and dolls,

    So iv'e modelled a pendant of a 9mm bullet but with a hole in it for a chain.

    The pendant is 29.69 mm high and 10 mm wide. I made it in 3ds max, did a STL check which didn't return any problems and then i exported the model as STL and uploaded it. But i always get "Your model was too small for any of our 3D Printers."

    The units setup in 3ds max is in mm, and i upload it with the mm setting Shapeways suggest.

    I've even tried to upload it without the chain hole, just as a solid piece, still to small.

    Some help is greatly appreciated, any clues?

    Thank you all,
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