"your Model Is Currently Set To Private Pending Review"

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by ComradeWave, Jun 18, 2019.

  1. ComradeWave
    ComradeWave Member
    This is one of the absolute worst changes to this website to date.

    I have to upload several models and fill requests from my customers, however they can't actually order any of the models I finished and tried to upload today because now they have to wait 2-3 days for someone in your office to take a two second glance at a render and click a button that allows me to publish the model publicly.

    What the hell is the point of setting a model to private if you can't be completely sure it violates copyright?

    Here's a better idea: If your system thinks the model is somehow in violation of copyright, flag it to be inspected by your office but DON'T SET IT TO PRIVATE WITHOUT HAVING IT CHECKED. This is affecting shop owners like myself who need to put up several models at once, but oh great a single word which we're not even told what is somehow possibly makes it violate copyright.

    What's worse is, I can't even edit the info, tags, or even try to render the model without it being sent off to review, AFTER IT'S ALREADY BEEN REVIEWED AND CLEARED.

    I'm sure your excuse for why you do this is "oh, but what if someone orders the model before we can verify if it violates copyright?". Then you check the order and cancel it if you verify it's violating copyright rather than going with this incredibly imbecilic model verification process.
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  2. barkingdigger
    barkingdigger Well-Known Member
    What exactly triggers the review? If they haven't looked at it yet then it can only be something in the filename, so best to avoid any brand-name terms.
  3. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    It isn't necessarily in the file name. It can be in the description.

    They have been pretty quick to clear ours -- usually within a couple of hours.
  4. ComradeWave
    ComradeWave Member
    It's unclear what causes it, but I assume it has to do with the tags and description.

    For each of my models, it takes between 1-2 days for them to clear it, which is especially bad considering every time I try to go and edit the model, it goes back into pending review.
  5. MrNibbles
    MrNibbles Well-Known Member
    It's possible they maintain a list of users that have triggered the review previously and it takes a while to fall off the list.
  6. MitchellJetten
    MitchellJetten Shapeways Employee CS Team
    The system flags models as long as they meet the criteria of having to be checked manually.
    So even after we have approved the model, and you change the text or anything, we need to verify that the changes you have made won't suddenly infringe on trademark or copyright.

    We are not able to see if you "just changed a picture" (note that pictures can also infringe on stuff).

    We always do our best to have models approved as quickly as possible, but definitely during the weekends we are aware that it takes a bit longer than we'd like.

    Sorry for the inconvenience.


    ps. no we do not have a list of users ;) it's purely based on the uploaded product regardless of the owner.
  7. adbinc
    adbinc Well-Known Member
    I can testify to that. Our Sigvirions are purely our own ships. A word in their description triggers the review. I know it will, so I always work on them during the time I am sure that Shapeways employees are there. When I do a major release, I try to make sure they are toward the end where our customers will still see them when they are set free into our shop.

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