You Need To Make It Easier To Delete Models

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Feedback' started by lensman, Jan 26, 2017.

  1. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    This has been brought up before but nothing changes.... When a user has hundreds of models in his/her shop and wants to go through and cull many of them you have made this into a laborious and tedious job. If I'm on page 10 of my models, for example and I want to delete some of them I have no choice but to delete that one single model. What happens then is the whole search refreshes and takes me back to page 1. Now I have to once again set my search criteria and make my way all the way back to page 10 just so I can continue and delete the next model, and so on.... Absolutely frustrating to no end!

    Please come up with a more user-friendly and effective way of deleting models.
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  2. HenrikRydberg
    HenrikRydberg Shapeways Employee Design Team
    Ugh. Absolutely true.
    Let's get this bug fixed and keep you on the page when you delete a model. I'll send an update when the fix is done.
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  3. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Cheers. That would be MUCH better.
  4. nicholassagan
    nicholassagan Member
    Any updates on this? Will there be a way to "batch" delete via sidebar check boxes or something?
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  5. Hypnovamp
    Hypnovamp Member
    I agree! Editing/deleting models is such a crazy tedious task. It is extremely difficult to keep models organized with the current system. Will this be addressed at some point?
  6. andrewdroth
    andrewdroth Member
    I was just about to create a post about this. I'm glad i'm not the only one that thinks it's nuts to hit delete, wait for the page to refresh, scroll down to were I was, and hit delete on the next item. What's even worse, is if you select the "Show Unprintable Models" that selection is reset every time you delete a part from the list.
  7. Muzehack
    Muzehack Member
    I totally agree. I wish Shapeways would invest some time and money into making the designers lives easier. Managing models variants and products is a real pain in the ass with their UI. If they don't pay attention to our needs, then someone is going to come along eventually who does treat their customers better, and they will lose their little monopoly.
  8. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    So, 15 months on and no change, Henrik?
  9. AgeOfPlastic
    AgeOfPlastic Member
    Hm. I have a growing collection of useless test models, surely wasting space on Shapeways servers, that's just time-consuming to delete...
  10. jj123456789jj
    jj123456789jj Member
    Completely agree, I have alot of old models, around 50, need a 'delete all' button!
  11. Temjin
    Temjin Active Member
    Jan, 2017 problem first reported.... 2020 now. don't give up guys!

    10 years later... don't give up!
    20 years later... believe in you!
    year 2050... finally, check boxes added!