Yet another texture export problem with 3DS Max

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    Hi all,

    I have a problem while exporting VRML file from 3DS Max, but I think it is different from this one.
    I have a model with a single texture (since only one texture is supported by Shapeways) that is cut into two the upper part is for the outside of the model, the lower part for the inside.
    The problem is that the mapping of these two parts of texture to the two sides of the model generates this instruction into the wrl file:
    textureTransform TextureTransform {
    center 0.5 0.5
    translation 0.5 0
    scale 1 0.5
    There are twice of these instructions.
    The result in Shapeways is that :
    The texture is not good.
    In tried to visualize the file in Cortona 3D (VRML visualizer) and the texture is also messed up.

    I fixed that by manually modifying the values:
    textureTransform TextureTransform {
    center 0 1
    translation 0 0
    scale 1 0.49
    Now it is OK in Cortona 3D.
    But after uploading it to Shapeways the result is still not good:

    So my questions are:
    - Is the textureTransform node supported by Shapeways?
    - If not, is there a way to apply this transformation directly to the UV (to "bake" the different transformations) with a tool? (Meshlab did not help)


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    No idea?