X-Ray Attenuation

Discussion in 'My Work In Progress' started by Crissy, Aug 31, 2012.

  1. Crissy
    Crissy New Member
    Looking for an OBJET material with higher X-Ray attenuation. Anyone have suggestions or similar experience?
  2. TechyBen
    TechyBen New Member
    I'd suggest looking at the metals (on wiki first?) and what their absorptions/reflection/attenuation is. Then go for a metal. I'd not expect any plastic or resin to do very well.

    Hey, wait, are you asking what I think you are?! :blush: :eek:
  3. Crissy
    Crissy New Member
    This was the question posed to me...
    "I'm looking for an Objet material that has a higher attenuation for x-rays. X-rays are attenuated by lead which causes a gradual loss of intensity."

    Since metal isn't an option, I was wondering which of the plastic/resin based materials would be the best way to go.
    Thanks for your answer though!!
  4. TechyBen
    TechyBen New Member
    Well, there are only a couple of times x-rays are ever used. Most are either medical or security. So I'd think many would not be comfortable giving an answer. Other than that, these plastics/resins are not going to have much effect AFAIK (I've not checked the wiki, but as a wild guess, it's the same as other plastics).
  5. 7777773
    7777773 New Member
    She was looking for materials with *high* x-ray attenuation.... sort of the opposite you'd expect from someone seeking to defeat an xray security device.
    I'd recommend ordering samples and running them through a real life test to see how they fare.
  6. TechyBen
    TechyBen New Member
    I'm not sure really. Both blocking and allowing passing of X-rays can hide (passing through to hide the part, blocking to hide what's in it). :p
  7. Crissy
    Crissy New Member
    Yes- I think we'll have to run tests ourselves. We just thought someone might have insight on this matter from past experience. No intention of bypassing security devices!
    I wish it was something that fun...a real life version of the classic movie 'SNEAKERS' maybe? My voice is my passport :p