WSF, where are you?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by cadalu, Dec 11, 2011.

  1. cadalu
    cadalu New Member
    Hey guys,

    Stupid question time, do you have any idea why polished wsf, grey, indigo and red would show up for a model but not regular wsf?

    If it didn't meet the wsf requirements, wouldn't it by default not meet the other wsf options?

  2. Kasss_Gnarl
    Kasss_Gnarl New Member

    Something that happened to me in the past was that I placed an order for one of my models in WSF, but it was rejected for having tine walls. After updating the model I was unable to select WSF as in the 'edit' page the available in this material check box had become un-checked.

    If you have had a rejection for your model be sure to see if this has happened.
  3. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    For WSF, each axis has to be at least 2.5mm (new design rules).
    Is your model smaller than 2.5mm in one axis ?