WSF - Priming, painting, sanding, etc.

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  1. DesignStein Studio
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    This forum is for asking questions and sharing experience on working with WSF.

    I received my first prototype in the mail a few days ago and need to send it out to a client soon. This is a new material for most people and im sure everyone has questions about it.

    Like can i sand WSF or will i break through the shell into support material?

    Can i use red lead on WSF?

    Is it safe to use paint thinners and acetone on WSF?

    Are there certain types of paints that corrode the material?

    What types of glues work best for putting WSF together? crazy glue, zap-a-gap, super 77 etc

    Can you heat up WSF to change its form?

    Can you boil WSF and bend it to change its form?

    Please feel free to add your questions or answer any if you've come across them yourself.
  2. DesignStein Studio
    DesignStein Studio New Member
    My model was to big to be polished so i ended up sanding down the surface. i would suggest using no less the 150 grit sand paper and go as high as you'd like wet/dry sand paper is safe to use on WSF.
  3. stop4stuff
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    WSF is sintered Nylon-12 powder, so anything that's safe for Nylon-12 will be safe for WSF.

    Paints I 've used without detrimental effects;
    Daler Rowney system 3 Artist's Acrylics
    pebeo Vitrail (solvent based glass paint)
    Tamiya Fine surface primer
    Humbol Acrylic spray

    WSF is porous and will soak up the first layer or two of paint.
  4. null_and_void
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    I saw the Tamiya primer mentioned on use example for small model horn..

    When use paint What is the paint used after primer? AND How are paints applied?


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  5. stop4stuff
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    The horn is one of my models :)
    For the Polished WSF horn on the right, I used 2 coats of Tamiya Fine Surface printer followed by 2 coats of Humbrol Silver Acrylic, both are spray cans.
    The one on the left is plain WSF and dipped in diluted silver artists acrylic.