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  1. OracleofWuffing
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    A while ago, I explored the idea of printing a replica of an old LEGO design. Shortly after that while ago, I began working on making a larger, more intricate design off of that idea. After that while, I uploaded the model to Shapeways and waited until I got the funds to actually buy it.


    And a few days ago, I bought it. :laughing: It's been a wonderful wait, but I think my future models might not be as big as this one. It'll be going into an art show very shortly- like, this weekend, shortly- and I feel it'll be certain to grab a few eyes.

    Fundamentally, this is a recreation of LEGO Model number 375, "Yellow Castle," which was among the first full castle models they released. With such a classic model, I felt that the architecture could use some support from the classic arch. This tool creates a visual strength by supporting "heavy" elements at the top- most notably the solid floors- with strong curves that imply a keystone. Likewise, the blocky nature of the upper arches enforces stability on top of a graceful structure that repeats the nature of windows and doors that already existed.

    It's probably something that's best seen instead of read of (in this video, particularly), but the model is basically split up into six parts (three in the front, three in the back), all of which were in the same file at Shapeways. The front and back sections snap together in a hinge-like style, allowing the castle to fold outwards. Then, certain parts on either end were printed captive, allowing the drawbridge to work just like in the original model, and then some doors can open and shut just the same. The flag at the top was a bit of a printing snag, but you're looking at a flat sheet of .7mm WSF held together with 1mm strings. Everything else is quite sturdy, and overall, light. Even the UPS guy was surprised at how light the box he handed me was!
  2. icarus3d
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    Really nice model :)
    Impressive how strong the model is. Can you bend it in your hands?

    I can imagine, that the castle wasn't the chipest print because of the size :laughing:
  3. arklan
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    very impressive.
  4. OracleofWuffing
    OracleofWuffing New Member
    Thanks for the compliments, everyone!
    A lot of the model is reinforced with connections to other parts of the model, so it doesn't bend too well. However, sections like the bar holding up the flags are actually quite flexible.
  5. carine
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    Awesome. Nice touch with the pony ;)

    Is it available for purchase?
  6. Maethius
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    Okay, I just have to ask... how much does that sucker cost?
  7. OracleofWuffing
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    My store's a mess, so I haven't quite got around to making it purchasable for others. It could certainly be made available, though, just that I want the shop itself to look kind of presentable first. :)

    Let's just say that my price at the art show was $400, and that's keeping in mind my own markup and the cut the gallery would take. :laughing: I actually made a "filled in" version of the castle first, that's not all wirey, but I never bothered even checking the volume on it, because I knew it'd be a fortune to print!