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    so for large objects we kindly have the following shapeways offer:

    We also offer a volume and density discount on Strong & Flexible materials. For models that are greater than 10% dense (material volume divided by bounding box volume), after the first 20cm3, the remaining volume is calculated with a 50% discount.

    so lets say i am a nut and want to fill the max BB for WSF

    btw here we have max height of 65cm:

    and here its 66cm:

    but lets work with 65, so 65*55*35 = 125125
    10% from that is: ~12 512
    times 1.4 for the price = ~ 17516

    so to get that generous 50% discount i have to first caught up 17500...

    thats, well... mildly put unreasonable, so we now have only 3 options:

    never build anything big, accept that this tech is still very early and that we have to wait a few more years before we can really create stuff that has more purpose than just being decorative. I am not trying to troll, there is gorgeous stuff out there and i have nothing but the deepest respect for those designers but currently most printed stuff is something that is gonna lie somewhere and collect dust and for this tech to shine it has to have at least minimal industrial applications, and i am not talking about prototyping (although 17000 is also not always feasible). Macro economically speaking It has to generate surplus value, as far as i can tell, right now it doesn't.

    buy a good consumer printer and design something that can be assembled with many parts, like lego and pray the thing does not brake at the joints and learn to live with the lower detail

    design something that uses least amount of material possible but at the same time has enough stability to achieve its function, this is natures grand design and is called perfection, actually very interesting limitations that could revolutionize how we build stuff, but i am not so sure shapeways will be very happy with an object that costs 200 dollars but takes up the entire BB (imagine 0.7mm lattice that prevents many other customers objects to be printed in the same run)

    4 :)
    the reason for this rant:
    shapeway makes some leeway for people who want to exploit the max BB of WSF,
    maybe a high handling fee in exchange for lower $ per cm3

    Dont get me wrong, shapeway makes an amazing pioneering job but i think i express many peoples desire to push the envelope and i am curious to hear other peoples thoughts, maybe i am missing something?

    But dammit, i want to be able to print my own car / plane / spaceship and i know you all want that aswell! :)
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    Not sure where you're headed here.

    Yes, 3D printing is not cheap.
    No, 3D printing is not only for decorative objects - growse the Gadgets gallery to find plenty of examples,
    And as an aside, I've an up-n-coming product line that is comparable on price point to traditionally made items, but using WSF has huge advantages (no I won't say what those are as that may give away the product line) and I got the idea because of what I had to do to the original traditionally made item. The prototypes are already in, just waiting on some funding to buy in the first set and then... World Domination!

    Seriously though, it sound like you've 'just discovered' 3D printing, know the capabilities and there's just do much that can be done that you don't know where to start. If this is the case, start with some small stuff, find the limitations of the materials and then you can go from there.

    Personally, I'd rather have a wooden car than a 3D printed car ;)

    Have fun,
  3. rusalkin
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    I am very intrigued
    since mass produced items are usually cheaper than printed ones

    pls be sure to let us know when your product is out