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    I am new here at Safeway and have recently ordered a batch of products from Lou Ziland's Roger Wheel Co. Kudos to the speedy production time and i must say that the details are superb. Upon receiving my order i tested them out immediately and found out that the axle slots were too small, and the they break off from the wheel itself with minimum pressure applied while installing the axles. So i sent Lou a message to inform him of the problem, He was kind enough to look into after sending him picture of the product. Lou informed me that the design had been updated a while back to include additional bracing ang wider axle slots to solve this problem, even sending me the correct link of the updated product. Upon checking, it was the same link i used to order the product. Apparently Safeway printed me a batch of wheels using the old design and shipped them to me out here in the Philippines. Lou informed of of the possibility of getting a re-print from Shapeway and even offered to pay instead for the damaged product. I feel its such a hassle to ship it back. I do plan to order another batch from him and i just want to make sure that this time i will be getting the updated design. I just dont know how Shapeway can compensate for it? Will you guys be shipping me a new batch of the correct ones? or will you just give me a complementary discount on my next purchase? Hoping we can have this resolved soon.

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    Shapeways don't tend to ask for them back, so don't worry about the shipping costs.
    Raise your complaint, explain what you have here and they should either refund you or reprint it at no charge.
    They only ask for the precious metals to be send back, steels and plastics they do not.
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    Thank you for reaching out! We are happy to help if you can send us an email at service@shapeways.com. Send us your order number and the issue, we may be able to figure out a return.

    Note, we do have a Money Back Guarantee, I screenshotted it from the website and attached it here. It's for within 10 days of receiving the order. Depending on the material and cost we may need you to ship it back to receive a refund. However, if your order is older than 10 days it would likely not be possible to refund. I would need more information before I could make the call.

    Thank you for understanding, send us an email and we can help you.

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