WRL file with texture not working correctly

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Patrick3D, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Patrick3D
    Patrick3D New Member
    Hi all. I'm a 3D modeler/animator who is new to 3D print models and their specs.
    I have been trying to upload to Shapeways a .wrl file with a .jpg texture referenced to the model itself.
    I use Maya and exported the 3D file and texture.
    Shapeways customer support keeps having trouble either opening the file and/or finding the texture.
    Is there something I may be doing wrong? I've done all I know to fix this and need some tech. advice.
    Using Maya 2010.


  2. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    This may sound too simple, but are you uploading a ZIP file with the .wrl file and the texture inside?
  3. Patrick3D
    Patrick3D New Member
    Yes, I exported the .wrl file, referenced the texture .jpg to the file from inside its own zipped folder that I uploaded to shapeways.
    I zipped each individual file by selecting the wrl file, the rgb file that was created upon export, and the .jpg texture file.
    Thanks Marcus
  4. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    You should have only two files inside the ZIP - the Texture (.jpg) and the .wrl file....like so:

    It should not be double-zipped. Does that make sense?
  5. Fredd
    Fredd New Member
    Just select the texture and wrl, with both selected compress them, Then upload the zip.
    The rgb file you mentioned may not be necessary to zip with the wrl and texture file. Try just the wrl and texture.

    I hope it is not the infamous wrl coding problem(Shivers)
  6. Willie4
    Willie4 New Member
    Thanks all. Yes, I've been doing this procedure, with selecting both the texture and wrl file , then compressing them both into a .zip archive folder.
    No luck so far , have tried twice this way. But I did just upload another archive .zip folder with a new .wrl file and .jpeg file. The rgb file that accompanied the wrl file I was told can be opened in fcheck and saved as a .jpeg..so I did this and will see if this works.
    Does anyone know of a free vrml viewer online? I've tried several for my mac but no luck here either. I just want to see on my end if the wrl file opens before I waste my time uploading to Shapeways only to get an error email from CS. Thanks!
  7. denali3ddesign
    denali3ddesign New Member
    Meshlab opens .wrl files and works on Mac.
  8. Willie4
    Willie4 New Member
    Thanks Marcus!
  9. Patrick3D
    Patrick3D New Member
    Ok. I just downloaded and installed MeshLab, and realized that I can just export the model as an .obj in Maya with texture referenced..then open the .obj in Meshlab and save as .wrl. I tried this and it worked, with texture and all! So hopefully no more errors. Thanks all!