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  1. guidosalimbeni
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    I'm posting here my workflow on creating a model to be 3d printed in colored material (sandstone) . It is a bit time consuming workflow and there is not 100 % guarantee success about the mesh integrity checking for 3d printing, so i wonder if you can share your workflow or tell me where I could improve mine.

    1) modeling in Zbrush or Maya
    2) create UVs in Zbrush or Maya
    3) export an obj version of the model from Zbrush or Maya
    4) open the obj version in Netfab Software and fix any errors
    5) import the cleaned obj in Zbrush or Maya
    6) recreate the UVs or retransfer , the uvs are usually get lost after the fixing in Netfab
    7) create the texture or reproject the previous texture in zbrush or maya
    :cool: export a wrl file format from zbrush or maya for 3d printing

    I can't import wrl file format into netfab , so the only way to check any file is to convert it into an obj . Once I have the fixed obj I can safely paint the color on it , but if I move some vertices I will not sure anymore that the file is still fixed for 3d printing.
    Basically a big improvement in my workflow could be to find a software like netfab that can import wry file format, but unfortunately I haven't find it yet.

    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Kind regards
  2. bartv
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    Nice! Yes, you're right - our Mesh Medic also tends to get UV maps wrong after fixing model issues like overlapping shells..
  3. guidosalimbeni
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    Hi thankyou for the reply,

    I think that a software that can fix the mesh for 3d printing and that can repair the UVs at the same time, would be super great ..

    for now..I believe that a software like Netfab that can open wrl file format would be enough for me to make a big difference in my workflow. Or maybe I should switch to another file format which allows to print in color?