Would you like to see your creation in the Science Museum?

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  1. rjmehra
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    The Science Museum in London is producing an exhibition on 3D printing.
    We intend to feature as part of it's introduction a wall of 3D printed items, of all shapes, sizes, colours and materials.
    To highlight the open and social aspect of the 3D printing community I would like to invite you, members of the Shapeways community, to donate an object to this introductory display.
    Your name would be added to a panel thanking all contributors.

    If you have created a physical 3D printed object you can freely send us, please message me.

    My regards

    Rohan Mehra
    Exhibition Content Developer
    Science Museum
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  2. bartv
    bartv New Member
    Hi Rohan,

    I love the idea, thanks for the invitation! You'll find though that many products, especially when they're larger or using metal or ceramics, can get quite costly. As such, people may be reluctant to donate their products.

    Is this a permanent exhibition, or a temporary one? Is it an option to return them to their owners afterwards?


  3. rjmehra
    rjmehra New Member
    Hi Bart.

    Thanks for getting back to me so fast.
    It's true that some things are a lot more than others, and I am also approaching companies of all shapes and sizes to get some of the more 'exotic' type of 3D prints that individuals may not be able to donate.

    The exhibition will run from October 2013 for 9 months.

    Unfortunately the introductory wall this call out is trying to populate, will be on open display to the public, so objects will not be guaranteed in any way. And given the amount of them (I'm expecting between 300 - 500 in total), we are not making promises about returning things, except in special circumstances.

    But I hope this doesn't deter. It will be a great showcase for budding designers. And I should probably drop this great stat I've been boasting to my friends about, but last year the museum got over 3 million visitors, that's presumably around 6 million eyes to look at your creations! :eek:


  4. Daphne
    Daphne Well-Known Member
    What kind of creations are you looking for? Objects that show all the new possibilities of additive manufacturing? Or more normal day objects so people can see how useful and normal it could be? Or doesn't it really matter?

    What will be the distance between the objects and the visitors? So how big does an object need to be in order to still be visible? Are visitors allowed to touch the objects?

    And one more question, when is the deadline?
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  5. rjmehra
    rjmehra New Member
    Hi Daphne

    Thanks for your questions.
    We're open to almost anything regarding objects (so long as it's family safe). As in there is no specific type of thing we are looking for, in fact I'm hoping people surprise me with things I wouldn't have expected ideally!
    A mixture of abstract arty things to show off the capabilities to practical things, toys, tools, literally anything.

    The objects will be displayed on the wall above the main exhibits in the 3D printing exhibition, so the lowest (and smallest) will be around adult head-height, larger ones will be placed higher. The public technically aren't allowed to touch the objects, but they are on open display so... you know, they might!
    (This is (and the fact I have no budget for this) are why we are only accepting kind donations of objects and not temporary loans, as we can't ensure items safe return, I hope that the chance to put something on display at the museum and be credited for it is reward enough for some :)).

    Good point about the deadline, I should have made some indication of that earlier. If people could send me things before August it would be ideal!

    Many thanks

  6. UniverseBecoming
    UniverseBecoming Well-Known Member
    Can I submit a 3D printed robotic arm that reaches out and grabs people and shakes their money out of them?

    HAHAHA!!! Just kidding! :laughing:

    Hmmmm... 3 million visitors per year? That's BIG! :D

    One question, how much effort will be made to connect the objects displayed to their respective creators?

    If not much effort, then could I submit designs with their own display platforms that included my name? Such as, something that was spherical that could roll off a table, could be displayed on a pedestal that included an inscription like, by James William Kincaid III.

    Also, what is the procedure for making submissions?
  7. AmLachDesigns
    AmLachDesigns Well-Known Member
    No, that's 9/12 x 6 million, i.e. 4.5 million assuming that all visitors see this particular exhibit, which is a very large assumption. And little people will see less of the exhibit than tall people.
  8. rjmehra
    rjmehra New Member

    The panel of thanks to our donors will list all the names of people and companies, so each object will not have it's own label.
    So yes, we would welcome people to put their names on things, in fact it highlights how customisable 3D printing makes things, so that's a really nice idea!

    If you could PM me your email address I will provide details on where to send things to. Though I wouldn't mind knowing roughly what/how many objects we are talking about.

    Best regards

  9. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Great opportunity, Rohan, just one small kink; unless the designer has a model sitting around (a lot do) then the "by August" deadline could be a problem. If I have to order a piece, get it shipped to me and then ship it to you across the Pond, August will be cutting it close. Is there any way you could give an absolutely latest date?
  10. rjmehra
    rjmehra New Member

    Thanks for the question. Another good point.
    I'd assumed it would mainly be people in the UK that took me up on this, but I'm ecstatic that makers around the world would like to participate.
    If we have all pieces in the museum by Monday 12th August then I think we're happy.
    Should you wish to go ahead let me know and I'll PM you specific details etc...


  11. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Yeah, I wish I was closer (British ex-pat now in Canada) because the piece I'd like to submit would cost me $50 to print and probably another $35 to mail... little too steep to simply give away, I'm afraid.

    It was something I made for a relative who served on Minesweepers in the Second World War...

    wwII sea mine.jpg
  12. rjmehra
    rjmehra New Member
    Wow! That is a shame as that piece is lovely. Such a nice story too.
    I totally understand that it's unreasonably expensive to just give us that under the circumstances.



  13. MrNib
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  14. rjmehra
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    Haha! Wow, good find!

    Thanks for posting the museum link as well. Hadn't thought to do that.