World War 2 Sea Mine

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  1. lensman
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    I will be getting this printed soon. It is a 6cm diameter model of a World War 2 sea mine to be given to someone as a gift; he used to work on the Minesweepers during the war.

    Modelled with Groboto and Zbrush. Polypainted vertices only, no texture maps or UV's. Exported straight from Zbrush with no in between steps before uploading to Shapeways.

    LINK to model page.


    sea mine render.jpg

  2. I like it, although I am curious about the bowl-shaped base. What is the purpose of the base? I guess it seems unstable without some sort of support. Without knowing the full intent, I'm mystified.
  3. lensman
    lensman Well-Known Member
    Thanks. That's just the angle of the render, I'm afraid. The "bowl" is actually very flat-bottomed and is meant to represent the ocean in which the mine is bobbing up and down in. I simply didn't want a straight edged base, that's all.

  4. erckgillis
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    I like!

    Try it the base round and see if it "wobbles" and bobs like a mine at sea. Drill out base and add some lead weight and it would move but stay upright!

    Weebles wobble but they don't fall down... :laughing:

  5. lensman
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    Ahaha, how about I add some explosive to it and make it really interesting!