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Discussion in 'Shapeways Beta Testers' started by LrdSatyr8, Apr 4, 2021.

  1. LrdSatyr8
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    In one of the blogs there was talk about a plugin/widget for Wordpress... What ever happened with it? Can't find it any where... was it abandoned? Would love to be able to display my items from my shop on my own wordpress site without having to manually add all the links/graphics/prices/etc... That way if a visitor wants to purchase one of my items, they click on a button to buy now and it takes them to the Shapeways site for purchasing. Is this available or is it still in the works? I'm not talking about competing with Shapeways at all... just want to be able to provide my customers a better place to find my items on Shapeways. Shapeways would still provide all the printing/shipping etc... I would just like to be able to show my store items on my wordpress website with the same formatting of my site. Does that make sense?
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  2. LrdSatyr8
    LrdSatyr8 Well-Known Member
    Nothing? Was that plugin abadoned?
  3. LrdSatyr8
    LrdSatyr8 Well-Known Member
    Almost a month now and still nothing?
  4. LrdSatyr8
    LrdSatyr8 Well-Known Member
    And still no response
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    Integration is available for Shopify and Etsy. Perhaps consider leaving Wordpress?