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    Hi !

    It is my first post on the forum. An artist wants me to model a character and print a thickened wireframe of the model. Here is a picture of the hand of that model, the cube is 1mm thick


    The material that will be used to print this will be Strong and flexible plastic. The whole model is 48cm tall and for some parts like the hand, the wire thickness can be as small as 0.5mm. A test model has been uploaded to shapeways and is ready to be printed.
    Are these very small parts going to get printed and be very fragile or just not printed ?

    Thank you

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    I recently received an email from service saying that on one of my models the minimum wall thickness for wires was too thin. So it was rejected. I had to increase the wires to 1mm.
    So in answer to your question . It will upload OK, but when it goes to be printed it will be rejected. They will send you an image, showing why it was rejected. Follow this guide and increase the wire thickness. There are different rules for other materials.
    http://www.shapeways.com/materials/strong-flexible-design-gu idelines