Winter Forest Collection

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    These 6 ornaments are the first in a set of winter decorations, entitled Winter Forest, which in turn are a part of a Winter series. The primary qualities we are seeking to emphasize with all of our pieces within the winter series include beauty, elegance, simplicity, purity, durability, practicality, and customizability. WSF provides a perfect opportunity to design winter ornaments which are durable and certainly more practical for their repeated use.
    This set comes in small and large ornaments. Most of the pieces within the large ornaments are or will be interchangeable. This allows for improved customizability in that pieces from other winter sets can be mixed and matched. For example, a figure from A Winter's Night set could be used in the ball of the Winter Forest. The underlying principle here being maximum optimization of both the homogeneity and heterogeneity of the various pieces providing for a greatly increased likelihood of the individual finding designs that he/she loves.
    All designs rely in the beauty of simplicity with shapes, lines, curves, and interconnections that retain the purity of geometric fluidity. The size proportions of the inner pieces with size of the exterior ball ("invertedly" speaking the size of the open space) alters the overall tone of the ornament and what is being emphasized. For example, in the smaller ornament the piece on the inside will be emphasized whereas in the larger one the pieces truly feel as if they were sitting in a winter forest enveloped by huge evergreens.
    The Winter Series were and continue to be designed in collaboration with the Peanut Gallery aka. Smurphilicious S.Murphy.
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