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    I am very new to 3D modeling and printing. but I have a particular project in mind, and I was curious if anyone could answer a few questions on how feasible it is.

    My wife is absolutely in love with all things fairy related. So I was brainstorming about the possibility of creating 3D printed wings for her.
    Something along the lines of what this statue has, but in proportions for a 120 lb woman.

    I'm not sure what exact dimensions I would be using, but I would ballpark something like two wings each measuring about 12 in x 18 in x (whatever the needed thickness would be)

    So on to the questions!

    1) Is the scale I am talking about outside of what this technology should reasonably be used for at this time?

    2) Would it make more sense to print in smaller pieces that are later affixed together? either via snapping or adhesives.

    3) How heavy is WSF? It appears to be relatively lightweight from how it is being handled in the various videos, but what would you ballpark the weight of two objects of those approximate dimensions would weigh?

    Thanks, just want to get some idea of the feasibility of my idea before I dive in and learn how to model and such.
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    yes those dimensions are outside the max range. i would suggest hitting up because there you can laser etch out of lexan plastic... much more feasible for what you want to do.
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    1. It looks like you are within the scale possible from this chart:
    (70x38x58cm = 27.5" x 15" x 23") Note that there are different design rules for pieces greater than 7 inches.

    2. I'd make each wing a separate piece for easier shipping/transporting...or even have them both attached to a central hinge (think butterfly wings) that could be printed all at once in the 'closed' position.

    3. From the Material datasheet, weight is listed at 58 lb/cu ft....thinking out loud here... A solid oval 12" x 18" x 1" is ~0.1 cu ft, so 5.8 lb. But, I imagine you'd cut big holes in the center and end up with an airy framework, so each wing would be about half that...if my math is right, the total for both wings would be 5-6 lbs. That would be fun to design...I wouldn't mind taking a crack at that :cool:

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