Winged Tear (Ring)

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  1. I came up with the idea for this ring about 6 months ago. It is now late for my sister's birthday, but that's ok. I think she will still like the ring, since her favorite color is purple. Also, she is inclined to like anything I make for her. Siblings are like that. :D

    Here is the ring before polishing and setting of the amethyst:

    Here is the ring after polishing and setting:

    Overall, I am pleased with the silver printing. Polishing does seem pretty important, though. The silver glossy didn't have the mirror shine that the final product has. I may have to look into hand polishing to save money next time. :D

    EDIT: I did actually order silver glossy (how could I forget?)
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  2. Youknowwho4eva
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    Very nice! I also find it more cost effective, if you want a good polish, to polish yourself.
  3. What sort of tools are necessary to do the polish yourself? I attempted lapidary at one point, and it was terribly boring and slow. I'd like to think I have a reasonable amount of patience, but I guess that doesn't extend to cabbing by hand.
  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    I used a dremel, with the polish wheel and polish material it came with. Then I used a cloth to get it to a real good shine. It took me a while, but I feel now I could do it in an hour or so.
  5. cedricms
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    That's a very sweet ring!
  6. lensman
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    I use a rock tumbler... with stainless steel shot, water and a drop of detergent... Brings up a wonderful shine.

  7. SGDesigns
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    Yeah, I hear a rock tumbler is one of the better tumblers because it polishes the entire piece evenly. Have you gotten the same results with your rock tumbler? What kind/brand do you have? You know anything about the vibratory tumblers? I know those are more expensive but as fas as quality compared to the rock tumblers....?

    For polishing, right now im using a dremel tool, with some polishing wheels and when the red rouge polishing compound ran out I purchased a bar of DIALUX NOIR - BLACK LABEL for my final polish. Its a black rouge and very pleased with the results.
  8. lensman
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    Oh, yes, the rock tumbler does a fantastic job. I got a used Lortone from a local rockhead. Some advice: Buy true stainless steel shot in mixed shapes (I got mine from Rio Grande) - the stuff that doesn't rust. It really couldn't be easier to use; just turn it on and let it run anywhere from 30 minutes to a few hours depending on the piece and what needs to be done (I also make fine silver jewellery).

    I've read about vibratory tumblers and simply figure their cost can't be justified for my own limited use.