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  1. goncalopp
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    Right now, there's a lot of useful info on this forum - details about the materials, painting and sanding models; however, it's kinda hard to know what has or has not been discussed before - sure, you can search the threads, but it's a pain, really.

    Wouldn't a wiki be a better way of managing this kind of information? The forum would be used for support and discussion, and the wiki would hold... well, the universally 'useful info' :D

    Maybe it'd be a good idea to put the tutorials there too, and let people create new ones?

    Just thoughts :)
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  2. robert
    robert New Member
    Interesting idea!

    What would good topics on the wiki? I can think of material finishing, modeling tips, 3D export howtos, anything else?

    Is a wiki easy enough for all / most people also participating in the forums?


  3. Whystler
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    I'm definately ineterested in seeing and posting to a Shapeways wiki!


    description of ...
    -White Detail
    -Black Detail
    -Transparent Detail
    -That other one nobody uses :)


    Building Details
    -wall thickness

    File Types Comparison

    Software Comparison
    -to buy
    .....3ds max
    .....blender (blech) ;)


    What to expect
    -duties etc


    -by material
    -by glue type

    -by material
    -by paint type

    -commercial dyes
    -natural dyes


    -banner creation
    -product titles and wording
    -product photography

    -shapeways promotional tools
    -self promotional techniques

    Just a start :)

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  4. bvicarious
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    Having a wiki is a great idea. You could put all the tutorials and material info already on the site in it, and of course we could consolidate all of our discussions into wiki form. I'd certainly contribute! Look into MediaWiki. It's what wikipedia uses, and it is very very easy to edit.
  5. robert
    robert New Member
    Yes, MediaWiki is nice and scales very well. Good suggestion.

    Thanks Whystler for your extensive list of topics.