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    3d Print Wiki at

    No, it's not a new idea:
    No, no, not at all new:
    Oooh, and someone tried it already:
    Ok, here it comes again, second try:
    • Don't you think that it gets increasingly more difficult to find the relevant forum posts back?
    • Don't you think that there is a lot of important info buried deep in the ever-growing forum noise?
    • Don't you think that the same FAQs are posted over and over again?
    Well, I do ...

    ... and have just created a litte FAQ Wiki (on Google sites) and added some initial structure and content. It's actually quite easy to use with WYSIWYG and everything. If you ever did a Word document, you can do it. Lots of other options to beef it up with gadgets and scripts and more ....

    Given that it's meant to be a wiki, I would herewith like to invite interested parties to join as a contributor. There is no automatic registration at this time, just drop me a PM with your email address and I'll set you up.

    The site uses Google's login for authentication, I would therefore need your email address (not necessarily a Gmail, I believe) to hook you up.

    The URL is still a bit long, but we have the option to change it if we can find some co-editors and fill it with content.

    And last not least, a question to the Shapeways rep's and lawyers: What are the licensing terms and conditions for copying / transferring / referencing "your" site content, including the forum posts?

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    Similar thought:
    So yes! If time permits, I'd be happy to contribute :)
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    Thanks for getting a heavy-weight on board.

    Don't forget to mention your email address, please.
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