Why is something so small, so expensive?

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  1. paulelderdesign
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    Hi guys. I recently uploaded my Dredd badge, not to big 8cm by 10cm and I was shocked to get this price back. :eek:
    Dredd Badge

    Any idea why the metal version
    is over €200 ?

    I really want to sell these for under €25. Would hollowing them reduce the price?

  2. paulelderdesign
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    I'm close to cancelling the model. It's bad enough you don't support £'s UKP which is playing hell
    with my taxes but now I don't get any markup on a simple model. I missed the convention season due due to no reply from here :confused

    Off to find another 3D Printers that actually care about their customers
  3. Youknowwho4eva
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    All prints except ceramics are based off volume. Steel is not only an expensive material but also an expensive process. More than likely you'll find our competitors to be at least as expensive. You could always print in wsf or sandstone (our cheaper materials) and then paint or plate it with metal.
  4. mkroeker
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    You might also want to make it thinner for other reasons - unless I am completely
    mistaken, your badge in steel would weigh in at about 270 grams. Pretty heavy for
    a badge, unless your fellow riflemen like to spend their whole day crouched.