Why is my design so expensive to print?

Discussion in 'Design and Modeling' started by Scooley01, Oct 20, 2011.

  1. Scooley01
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    I had an idea for something last night, so I drew it up in Sketchup and uploaded it to see what it'd cost to get printed.

    The first time I uploaded it, I accidentally made it solid, so it was understandably pretty pricey to print, but even after hollowing it out, it's still nearly $100. Is that typical for something around 10x3.8x25cm? Is my design just too big to be cost effective to print?

    Solid version

    Hollowed version
    <a href="http://www.shapeways.com/model/361807/patrol2.html?gid=ug" target="_blank">
  2. duann
    duann New Member
    Hi, that sounds about right, depending on the object and wall thickness.

  3. Scooley01
    Scooley01 New Member
    Alright well I guess I just had a different idea of how much that much material would cost...seems like another option might be less cost prohibitive.
  4. dynath
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    Material cost is cubic. You double the dimensions, you multiply the cost by itself 3 fold. Thus it scales extremely quickly when you are dealing with large models.
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  5. Dragoman
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    Actually, if you double all dimensions, the volume grows 8-fold (2 to the third power).

    Volume is length x width x height, so by doubling them all you get 2 x 2 x 2 = 8 times the volume.

    Karl Heinz