Why are my own orders suddenly showing up as sales?

Discussion in 'Bug Reporting' started by WillLaPuerta, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. WillLaPuerta
    WillLaPuerta Well-Known Member
    It wasn't like this yesterday, but suddenly all my orders this month are mixed in with my Sales. This seems like unnecessary clutter. I've got a separate page for my orders already. Is it a new feature or just a temporary glitch?
  2. bdickason
    bdickason New Member
    Sorry about that Will. We wanted to enable orders without markup ($0.00) to show up in your My Sales page. Some shopowners have models that don't have markup and it's nice to be able to track those sales.

    We did not intend to surface your own orders within My Sales.
  3. stonysmith
    stonysmith Well-Known Member Moderator
    Brad: I'd vote to keep them visible, as long as they also show up in the Sales Overview Spreadsheet <grin>
    I for one would really like to count up ALL times that a model has been printed.
  4. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    Indeed, I don't have problems with seeing my own orders on the excel sheet.

  5. NimlothCQ
    NimlothCQ Shapeways Employee Product Team
    We have deployed a fix so that one's own orders do not show up in the pending/confirmed sales. Let us know if they continue to show up for you :)
  6. WillLaPuerta
    WillLaPuerta Well-Known Member
    Thanks. Things are cleared back up. I'll go along with putting them in the spreadsheet, but I am happy to have a spot to see my sales and only my sales again.
  7. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    On the other hand, I found it quite useful that the spreadsheet has more detailed information about my own items that I have ordered than the other places where I can look them up.

  8. Dragoman
    Dragoman New Member
    By the way, would it be much trouble to add the sales overview spreadsheet download to the "My Sales" page? That seems to me the natural place where it should be, rather than the "My Shop" page.

  9. GADesign
    GADesign New Member
    I still have 2 paid sales left for the amazing amount of 0.00 :D that did'nt even get ordered i think ? they just recently have come up..

    Nov 19 '12 Alien Ring (15,75mm) 735415 1 $0.00
    Nov 14 '12 Cube Frame Pendant 508000 1 $0.00