Who's models are these?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CGD, Jan 13, 2012.

  1. CGD
    CGD New Member
    Got six sets of these in my package. If you want them back or something, please leave a message.
  2. CGD
    CGD New Member
    Okay, I'll destroy them.
  3. pfeifferstylez
    pfeifferstylez New Member
    Hey, it was weekend... even Shapeways' CS need some off-time. ^^

    And this are just some little, innocent tanks... wouldn't it be better to sell them, or just give them away ?
  4. CGD
    CGD New Member
    Well, they are not my tanks. So I cannot make that decision for the owner. The longer I have them, the easier I got sued for IP infringement.
  5. Alex_ADEdge
    Alex_ADEdge New Member
    Erm, thats a bit extreme.

    Have you contacted shapeways about it? Bit of a leap expecting the thousands of shapeways members to all come look at this thread to see if they're missing stuff?
  6. Twopounder
    Twopounder New Member
    That's not true. You haven't infringed any IP at all. The models may not be yours, but you didn't have them illegally produced, you aren't trying to sell them, and you aren't claiming they are yours.

    It's like finding a dollar bill and expecting to get sued for IP infringement.

    Best bet: contact shapeways. If that fails, I would donate them. There are plenty of under privileged kids who would love something like that.
  7. CGD
    CGD New Member
    What I meant, was I also happened to build and sell the same kind of models, and even roughly the same size/scale.

    If I make something similar to these models, there is a chance the owner will think that I snatched the idea from him/her. So it's better to talk to the owner first.

    Donation is not appropriate too. The owner might want this work private, and worst if the project is secret. Judging form no one claiming the items yet, that might be true...
  8. Twopounder
    Twopounder New Member
    Those look like disproportionate BMP-2's. Unless that person is going to claim that soviet era war vehicles are their intellectual property, I think you're in the clear ;)
  9. CGD
    CGD New Member
    Who knows. may be Putin is the owner...
  10. Twopounder
    Twopounder New Member
    In that case, you'd be kneecapped and the models vanished :laughing:
  11. CGD
    CGD New Member
    So you know where I've gone if I don't pop up over here. :twisted: