Who wants to make a video game?

Discussion in '3D Design Requests' started by cityseeker, Jan 23, 2012.

  1. cityseeker
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    Hello I am a programmer and I'm looking for someone to help create 3d models for a Unity 3d Real Time Strategy top down type of game. I need alot of models and I can't just compile them from stuff online. I can animate and am an amazing programmer but can't model. please help!!

    I can pay but would rather have someone join me and be a part of a company making our first game.
  2. grommbert
    grommbert New Member
    PM sent.
  3. cityseeker
    cityseeker New Member
    Hey Modelers,

    I also posted a message on craigslist. I live in Silicon Valley Ca / Bay area. And I found an art director that I really meshed with he has AAA production RTS experience. I would like to thank all of you that messaged me. We are not making a mobile app b.s. I want to create a real RTS game. I'm picking up one of my friends to help me program. The art director says he can do all of the character mock ups, modeling and animations. But we may still want to get an environment terrain modeler. At this stage I am looking for someone to join the team and share in the game profit rather than take a few hundred upfront for work. If you want to join the team send me some evidence of your work. The art director is picky. :laughing:
  4. teradesign
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    I am interested.
  5. cityseeker
    cityseeker New Member
    Let's do it! PM me I can give you some details. I am one third of the way done with the demo. Will go much faster now had to get used to unity library. The art director has given me one model working on one for the enemy. He is going to make a terrain and some buildings for the demo. :cool: Have you done any terrains? ruined city look is what we are going for?