Who can help me opening an STL file

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    Dear 3D developers,

    I am at the point to make STL file from ACAD DWG file so that I can send some stuff down.
    But there occurred to be a slight problem. When I make an STL file, I can’t open it any-more.
    Windows XP say’s in Dutch “Dit is een ongeldig certificaatvertouwenslijst-bestand”
    Freely translated it means “I can’t read STL extensions because I think its something else than it really is.

    So My question is what can I do to solve the problem end be able to open STL files on my computer?

    Much thanks for every respond.

    With kind regards,

  2. Okay, when running Windows, the default assumption is made that the .stl file extension actually refers to a type of digital authentication certificate list that has the same initials (an STL). So, when you click on an .stl file, Windows goes looking for an STL and does not find it. You may even see .stl files shown as a strange-looking icon that actually indicates a Digital Certificate.
    There are two simple solutions.
    1) Do not directly click on the .stl file. Open the program you intend to use first, then either load the .stl file, or import it depending on what file types the software supports. (Try using Blender, for example, and select Import STL).
    2) Change the Default Program used under Windows to open an .stl file to be the program that you want. Full instructions on how to do this can be found in the Windows help files, or in most newer versions of Windows, under the option "Default Programs" to the right side of the start menu.
    Hope this helped you in regard to this little quirk specific to .stl files in default installs of Windows.
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    Thanks for the information,

    What you say about the strange looking icon and the referring to the certificate is indeed totally true.

    But now I have some more questions about opening this STL file.

    I work with ACAD (2002 and 2008) and I just learnt my self how to make a .STL file with ACAD. But now it turns out to be a completely other manner to (re) open .STL files with ACAD. :blush:

    “Import” is not an option in ACAD as far as I know.
    And with de “open” commando I can only choose between the following extensions.
    DWG, DXF, DWT and DWS.

    A Right click on the .STL file, and than try it to open with ACAD gives the following result.
    ACAD will be opened but instead of showing a drawing it say’s…

    “Cannot find the specified drawing file
    Please verify that the network drive is available and the file exists”

    I can only choose ok, but than I get an empty drawing.

    (And of course the drawing exists, because I made it my self, this morning. And it is stand-ing just at a normal location between lots of DWG files that open perfectly. So that basi-cally can’t be the problem)

    So what should I do now?

    Much thanks, and with kind regards,

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