White Strong Flex - Flammability rating

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    I had a look at the White Strong Flex material data sheet and there is no rating for flammability.

    EOS - the manufacturer of PA 2200 (White Strong Flex) also produces a similar product PA 2210 FR which includes a flame retardent. Is it possible to have parts printed in this alternative material?

    I need the flammability rating as the part is going to be used inside an electronics enclosure.
  2. The flamability data for PA 2200 is on an extended EOS data-sheet (EOS IUM meeting proceedings 2002), and given for the UL94 (3.2mm) test as HB (Horizontal Burning).

    While PA 2210 FR exists, to obtain its certified properties requires other changes to the processing, which have the effect of making it substantially more expensive to use.