Where Has Material Pricing Information Moved?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by kmcheung, Apr 25, 2018.

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    Now, now, that's not quite what was said.
    That might sound like "we're not communicating the calculation method anymore" if you read it with a cynical mindset, but it's not necessarily that.

    In the short term you can find pricing in the internet archive (e.g. aluminium). In the long term they may change their pricing scheme.
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    Hey everyone, thanks for the update!

    It kind of drove me crazy yesterday when I was sure there is a pricing listed somewhere
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    So it's about a month later and the pricing info seems to still be missing. I need current information on that because I design some of my pieces to minimize price (of course!), both because I want to save money and because I know my models will be more likely to sell if I can keep the prices low. There are lots of design decisions that I can tweak to optimize price, but if I don't know how price is determined for a material (volume, machine space, surface area, minimum startup cost, etc) then I can't design for it.

    Can anyone from Shapeways shed some light on whether this key pricing information will be available again?
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    It certainly sounds like that 4 months later !!!
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    ...and seven months later.
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    Your going to be waiting a long time as management says it's not coming back and pricing and calculation parameters can and do change at any time.
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    With that in mind, I'd like to extend an invitation to peruse a rather intriguing selection of Zen Dice at my store. They are 1 cm3 and 100 cm3 solid cubes available in almost every material and finish (some were not printable for some reason). As the name implies, they are primarily meditation devices. You may for example relax by easily dividing the price of the 100 cm3 dice by 100 and then contemplate the meaning of the difference between that number and the price of the 1 cm3 dice in the same material. Of course there's no markup so I won't make a penny from any sales :-(

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