where do we report bugs?

Discussion in 'ShapeJS' started by biscuitlad, Mar 31, 2016.

  1. biscuitlad
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    I thought all javascript functionality was supported? I pass an array to maker.setSource and it falls over!

    What is the right way to do this?

    PARSING_ERROR - Cannot convert org.mozilla.javascript.NativeArray@29ba0e48 to abfab3d.util.DataSource Script Line(380): maker.setSource(box);
  2. biscuitlad
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    In fact, how can we improve debugging? At the moment it's almost unusable:

    java.lang.NullPointerException -

    Where? Line no? Do we have to write our own try / catch statements to get these?

    This is why we need something a bit better than the shapeways IDE...
  3. AlanHudson
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    You can only have one datasource, if you want an array of them you need to combine then using a Union datasource.

    It should have highlighted the line in yellow. If it didn't can you provide me an example script and we'll debug it.
  4. biscuitlad
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    hi Alan

    Thanks for the reply. The second error message was generated by a fault on the ui parameters, which I only discovered by deleting them all one by one till I found the one that was causing the bug! Hence my comment about the IDE for doing any serious coding on...

    But I have since sussed the array trouble thanks to your suggestion. Still think it's a shame you have to loop through it doing an add to get it all to work - be nicer if you do operations on arrays directly (e.g. Sub), but at least arrays are there and usable.

    One more thing would help when we're hacking, would be the ability to assign color to data sources so we can easily see what is getting placed where. Any chance / way of doing that?

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  5. AlanHudson
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    We have a color version of the renderer going internally. This allows you to assign colors to a datasource, or more generically assign multiple materials to an object for fancy multiple material printers.

    I've also been playing around with some alternate views of a ShapeJS script, such as a bounds view of all your datasources to understand their relative positions to other objects, extents etc.

    I don't have an exact release date yet for any of these yet. I suspect we might go ahead and release the color options with the understanding that its a work in progress and so we might change how it operates in the language. Ie right now I very sensitive to providing backwards compatibility for scripts, but at least in the color area its not fully baked yet. Let me discuss it with the team.

  6. related, I got stuck trying to figure out what was going on with this program only to realize much later I forgot to capitalize the B in bounds

    an improved IDE would be really useful and improve adoption rates of this tool

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