When Someone Orders A Model, Take A Picture Of It And Display It On The Shop

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  1. ComradeWave
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    What it says on the title. I see Shapeways constantly sending E-mails and saying that by adding photos of the actual printed model to the page of it will increase sales. So, when someone or you orders a model on the shop, why not take a photo of the completed/printed model at the factory and then send it to the creator or shop owner via E-mail or the site's message system?

    Or instead of taking a photo of every single model that is printed, how about just an option you can select/request for a photo of the print?
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  2. FerretDesigns
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    With how many prints and pieces SW make daily, this seems like a massive task that they just wouldn't be able to cope with. I've had the complaints/QC team send me photos (on their own phones) occasionally in relation to issues, but it's on their desks and not great quality.

    I doubt they have the infrastructure to do this unless they made it a paid service.
  3. crashtestdummy
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    Flip side is it could cut down on unacceptable prints. No need to ship a bad print.
  4. FerretDesigns
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    With the number of bad prints I get i'd be happy with that...
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  5. Vortical
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    I would find this really helpful. I've gotten a number of broken prints. I just swallow the loss because my time is worth more than the cost of the bad print. If Shapeways sent a photo of the print with an "It printed!" notification, and allowed say 24-72 hours for the designer to check it, I would likely spend the money saved on more and better prints. I don't know your cost structure, but that's how it figures from the designer end, IMO.
    ComradeWave, many thanks.
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  6. mkroeker
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    Shapeways' current business model revolves around processing hundreds of prints per day, and according to the recent postings of the new CEO it is not even profitable. I do not see how adding another non-trivial step to the production pipeline would improve this. (Let alone storing products for days awaiting customer approval). If you want the full services of a "conventional" rapid prototyping company, be prepared to pay some serious money for it.
    If you receive a broken print, take a picture yourself and email it to service@shapeways.com. (As an aside, many of the truely broken prints probably suffer their fate in the packaging step, way after your desired photo would have been taken)
  7. crashtestdummy
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    Dosen't need a full photo shoot or need to be a free service free. I could see how it could prevent problems on larger or expensive prints. There seems to be quite a few complaints about polish too so any bad polishing jobs can be sent back for re-polish rather than be shipped to the buyer, particularly when it is resulting in re-prints anyhow.