When might we see new colors?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by GarySG, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. GarySG
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    Hey, I guess this is more of a question for those who work at Shapeways than to the community, but when might we see some new colors for the plastics? I'm really looking forward to a green color, also perhaps a yellow, grey even :D I understand that there's testing that has to go into new materials, but I would think that new dyes would be easier than new materials :p Anywho, just inquiring, I'm a pretty big user of the dyed plastics :D

  2. DaBroNrw
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    Some fresh colors would be nice...
    a brown could be also an option...
    Also like a green and grey. And think about a flesh color for character...
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  3. UniverseBecoming
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    That's a good point Gair, there wouldn't be much R&D associated with that.

    If Shapeways wanted to do R&D for this I would have four tanks of dye. They would be red, yellow, blue and black. The colors would be diluted so that multiple dips would be necessary to obtain the full color saturation. I would then use a scara robot arm to do the dipping. The robot could be programed to produce thousands of colors and shades of gray by simply dipping in the proper colors for the proper amounts of time.

    To prevent contamination between the different color tanks a rinsing and drying procedure could be programed in between each color change. Multiple baskets could be used with a single robot arm so that very high volume could be achieved.

    By the way, speaking of robots, you know how you have workers digging those parts out of the powder cakes and manually cleaning each part? Well, you don't need people to do that! :D The reason is, you know exactly what those parts are and exactly where those parts are within the powder cakes. Consequently, a robot can be automatically programed to dig into the powder cake and grab each part for automatic processing. Another benefit is that there would be no more lost parts or confused parts since the robots would know exactly what parts belonged to each order and so it would be impossible for these kinds of problems to occur.

    Also, you wouldn't need to wait until the cakes cooled before processing cuz the robots could very carefully get the parts out without damaging them. If it were my company there would be NOBODY WORKING THERE! :laughing: It would be completely automated! :D

    By the way, did you know that you can cool those powder cakes by placing them in a vacuum chamber, drawing a moderate vacuum and then replacing with chilled air a few times? Yep! :D

    All of this is patent pending! Talk to my patent attorneys if interested! HAHAHA! :laughing:

  4. Youknowwho4eva
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    I also want green. Hopefully we'll see some new colors soon.