When Detail Matters: Which Material / Process Creates The Sharpest And Smoothest Detail ?

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    Hello everyone, I am trying to print a STL file,super simple, just a cylinder with a cone cut out of one of the flat sides. 2 inches wide about 1.5 inches tall.

    Ive tried to get a sharp smooth and accurate print from my printing service (SLA 0.1mm height) and its just not coming out sharp.

    What Printing Process / Material provides the Smoothest and Sharpest detail?

    I cant find this kind of answer anywhere. any help would be appreciated..
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    For start, lets admit that NO MATERIAL IS 100% PERFECT! We can NOT expect the 'absolute & pure perfection' in ANY material. Since the 3D printing is actually applying material layers one up to the other, it is always possible to spot (while using microscope or magnifying glass or naked eye) the 3D printing layers. The 3D printing layers may be almost invisible, but they are always present and that's a fact we all need to keep in mind.

    The “Smooth Fine Detail” (aka FUD - Frosted Ultra Detail) or “Smoothest Fine Detail” (aka FXD - Frosted Xtreme Detail) plastic materials offered here in Shapeways, are the best available - among others - today. The 3D printing layers are as low as 16microns and almost not visible, but it is not the 'absolute perfection' - it is just the best available option so far. Both types “Smooth Fine Detail” (aka FUD - Frosted Ultra Detail) and “Smoothest Fine Detail” (aka FXD - Frosted Xtreme Detail) plastic materials are exactly same chemical composition, but the “Smoothest Fine Detail” (aka FXD) is best-of-best nowadays because it is 3D printed with double resolution. That is why it is ideal for tiny figures and areas where maximum level of detail is needed.

    At last, allow me to present few examples of items 3D printed with above mentioned FUD or FXD high detail plastics, including our Anyuta 3D products. We are mainly focused on high-detail scale model miniatures and so far, the “Smoothest Fine Detail” (aka FXD - Frosted Xtreme Detail) plastic material fulfils our expectations.

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    Beautiful Prints!!!