whats wrong with this WRL file

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  1. Jettuh
    Jettuh Well-Known Member
    Hi guys,

    can somebody help me with my file,, normally it's no problem uploading an WRL file,, but today i keep getting emails with:

    We're sorry, but there was a problem with processing your product called '2312'. It didn't pass all the checks that we run to make sure a product is printable. Here's the error message:

    The fileformat of your object cannot be processed by our software. Please investigate the problem and try again.

    can somebody check my file? :blush:

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  2. virtox
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    Helpful message isn't it ;)

    I had it before (sometimes), couldn't figure out what it was.
    After rebuilding the model it usually works again :S

    It does look like you have some sort of "Grouped" object in the vrml file, not sure.. only had a quick look.. did seem familiar in structure
    Try a single object with all meshes "attached" (Edit mesh/Edit poly)

    Also centering the object to your world before export might make it acceptable.

    But it is Sunday, and very Sunny, so my advice may be useless ;)


  3. Jettuh
    Jettuh Well-Known Member
    thanx Virtox,

    i did group is first because i had to resize it (WRL doesn't count in mm but in cm if i'm correct)

    that probably the thing that messes the file!

    thanx again!

    before i'm going to try, i'm going to sit in the sun with a beautifull green bottle :D (heineken)
  4. stonysmith
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    WRL dimensions are uploaded as METERS.. so divide by 1000 if you want to work in MMs
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  5. bartv
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    I can't seem to find a problem with the file itself, so I'll pass it on to our developers. I'll ask them about the 'grouping'. In the mean time I think that joining the objects into one object and then re-exporting should make it work again.

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