Whats The Best Way To Join Two Parts Without Glue?

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  1. Narada_Dan_Vantari
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    Hi - I didnt see any threads discussing this, which surprises me.
    I would like to have a gold plated pendant in two parts that can (ideally)
    be snapped together and apart again.
    If this is impractical, then any system that lets them stay reliably fused
    and yet allows them to be separated ?
    I am trying peg and hole setups, but they seem likely to separate unintentionally.
    Im wondering about a screw-like system, or at least two spiraling circular pieces that fit together by turning.

    Whatever it is has to work with a pendant that is 40mm or less in diameter
    so the joining 'clasp' has to be pretty small.

    Has anyone got experience and can recommend a good system that will work?

    Thanks in advance ~ Dan Vantari
  2. tunewhim
    tunewhim Member
    I am looking to do something very similar. I printed two parts, one in rose gold plate and the other in rhodium plate.
    They are about 50 mm in diameter when combined. Unfortunately the parts are too small for Gorilla glue so I am looking at alternatives. Here are the resources I have found so far:

    13 Types of Wood Joints
    3D Printed Joinery: Simplifying Assembly
    How to 3D Print Joints – Simply Explained | All3DP
    How to Design Interlocking Parts for 3D Printing - 3D Insider
    Easy guide to 3D printed interlocking parts

    Most of the info on how to join parts is focused on plastic so not that helpful for what we are trying to do in metal.
    If you find any additional resources please share.
    Please update us on your progress. I will let you know if I find additional techniques.