What OLIVE GREEN dye for WSF?

Discussion in 'Finishing Techniques' started by kaszal, Dec 26, 2012.

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  2. stannum
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    Paint it. Go to a model shop and buy the color(s) that match, shake the pots then apply multiple thinned layers until the surface appears opaque. Simpler, and with no color variation from run to run, which is the common problem with dyes.
  3. kaszal
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    I did think of that but they are moving parts and will be played with. Dyeing is better as it won't chip.

    Not worried about consistency as this is a one off .
  4. stannum
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    It all depends on the friction involved and the paint you use. Thinned down acrylic paint will get in the holes of the material (not in the particles as dye does), it can reach 0.7 deep in some cases; and some of them are very flexible, like rubber, once dry. Those with polyurethane, or PU varnish after the paint, end being really tough. No photos, but 2 parts rubbed against each other only gives them a glossy look. Can the white appear? Yes, it did after sanding hard with sand paper for a while.