What I'd still like to see improved on the model pages

Discussion in 'Shapeways Shops' started by MichielCornelissen, Nov 9, 2011.

  1. MichielCornelissen
    MichielCornelissen New Member
    - Loose the more info/less info toggle. It makes the pages look confusing initially. Just leave it up to the shop owner how that page should look; if it needs a lot of info, leave it visible.

    - show the thumbnails of secondary images directly, without the need to click the toggle

    - bring the rich text/ html controls as I mentioned in a previous post

    - show the shop logo, to make it more attractive to browse for other models as well

    - make it clear if you're seeing a price including or excluding VAT

    Basically: simpler, less choices for the customer, more control for the shopowner.
  2. null_and_void
    null_and_void New Member
    Well less confusing is good.
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  3. Cookie
    Cookie New Member
    Make it possible to go in and edit/ adjust the size and look of your models.
    The uploading looks easy, but I'm still having issues with getting new imaged upload even though I'm following instructions on adjust the size of the file. Your system is difficult for me.

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