What Are The Most Important Material Properties For Rc Parts?

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  1. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    Hey All!

    I'm always exploring new materials to add to our portfolio. I'm currently looking at what's missing in the RC world and would love to get some insight from the community. Do the current material offerings meet your needs?

    What kinds of parts and accessories are you making? Chassis, structural components, bumpers, accessories, etc?

    What are the most important properties for materials used in RC car, boats and plane parts? Strength? Impact resistance? Is weight a factor? What else?

    Thanks in advance for your insight!
  2. Yadesign
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    What is really missing for me is transparent material that could be used to print windows, canopies and other "glass" structures, especially curved and "organic" shapes. Having such a material would be a tremendous help for car, airplane, and boat modelers. And I do mean transparent, not just translucent. I realize that it is, probable hard or even impossible to accomplish with 3D printing, but there it is.

    Alex Yankelevich
  3. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    @Yadesign - thanks for sharing! My original line of thinking was more around structural components, but this is interesting! Is strength at all a factor for transparent materials or are these only for decorative purposes?
  4. Yadesign
    Yadesign Member
    Strength would be an added bonus. If the material was strong enough, maybe a large part, or even all of the structure could be done in transparent material and non-transparent parts could be painted. But even if it is not as strong as other, "regular" materials it would still need to have some strength to withstand regular use.
  5. first25q
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    Can one print lexan at this time
  6. vollmer_sean
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  7. bgeorgakas
    bgeorgakas Shapeways Employee Product Team
    @vollmer_sean - The wings you reference are printed in our Strong and Flexible plastic. This is a Nylon 12 material printed using an SLS process on EOS printers.